Asus launches scented laptops

It's a fact that Asus – creator of the Eee PC - has recently been flooding the market with a range of cheap and oft-times bizarre products, but this most recent reveal has to take the cake: scented laptops

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fmjpower3758d ago

is there a vag scented one? u

StephanieBBB3758d ago

long time since you got any?

psycho3603758d ago

LOL if you smelled one you woudn't want. I guess some are n00bs in this field.

Tacki3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

'Nothing smells better than our Asus!'

evolution543758d ago

Good one!!!!!

Naw but really, this sounds like a really stupid idea. But hey, no one tried it yet so I guess you can still give them props.

jay23758d ago

Ah nice, so I can take my laptop to the toilet and my toilet will smell good, you can't loose.

coolclimate03758d ago

Id love to pay extra for a freakin scented laptop, this is probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard of.... people are freakin stupid.

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