Getting sensible with Jon Hare

Jon Hare has not only been designing and programming games for 30 years, he’s produced graphics and music, owned his own companies and found time to lecture students

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The “Codemasters Collection 1” cartridge is coming to the Evercade in 2021

Blaze Entertainment can now unveil the highly anticipated Codemasters Collection 1 Cartridge for Evercade; featuring some of the most renowned titles in British gaming history including Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Linus Spacehead and an unreleased title Tennis All-Stars. With 17 officially licensed games, this cartridge brings classic titles to the Evercade handheld, which also connects to your TV via HDMI.

rlow11233d ago

Didn't know they made a soccer game.

darthv721232d ago

well that is nice of them. I need to order me a copy as I have the full library so far.


101 Video Games To Play Before You Die

Sit back and relax because its time for another epic countdown - 101 Video Games To Play Before You Die.

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Sniperwithacause1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I've played 64 of those titles. Gamer since birth (1983)

Edit: plus hundreds more that didnt make the list!

theflamey1518d ago

64 is a decent amount! Here's to the next 101


History of Real-Time Strategy: The Birth (1981 - 1991)

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "Tracking the history of an entire video game genre is quite an interesting, and undoubtedly difficult task, not least because it can be very problematic to pinpoint the exact origins of a given genre. Arguments can likely be made for a number of different games and points in time as the true birthplace of a type of video game, and that is certainly true for the real-time strategy genre. I certainly wouldn't argue against a number of different opinions people might have in regards to where and when the genre originated. This all is to say that the point I've decided to start with is not one that's universally agreed upon."

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