IGN - Pick the Cover for Resistance 2: Collector's Edition

IGN reports :-

"When a game is all finished up and burned to the disc that you'll eventually pop into your console, it also needs a couple other things to get it safely to store shelves and into your hands: a box, an instruction manual of some sort, and, perhaps most importantly, a good cover to not only set the mood but wrangle in potential gamers as well.

One game that's going to need some sort of cover for its release later this year is Resistance 2. Or, more specifically, the Collector's Edition of the game. The problem is that Insomniac has narrowed the choice down to three potential covers, but the studio can't seem to make up its mind. So they're turning to you."

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sonarus3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I wasn't aware Resistance had developed a fan following enough for collectors edition.

Anyway i would go with number 2 if i wasn't too lazy to vote

Bombibomb3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

2 easily looks the best. Hate the 3rd.

cahill3730d ago


The first resistance sold 4million even to a much smaller base. You can easily guess the sales of the second one which is more hyped and is bigger, better and more badass

shine13963730d ago

4 million? new figure to me bro...where did you see that...(pls don't take it the wrong way)

sonarus3730d ago

lol it wasn't 4 million it was more like 3million but that is still a lot in my opinion.

My point is resistance was not like a genre defining game. It was a good shooter that was pretty much PS3 only good game at one point so everyone got it. A lot of games get collectors edition that don't deserve it though but games that should get CE are games that have insane hype and have HUGE following. Resistance following is relatively weak. Though i could be wrong i was on the other day and i was very very surprised to see people still playing online

cahill3730d ago

thats 3million if you take CRAP CHARTZ

But I am sure Resistance has reached around 4m by now
PS3 owners are pumped up for Just Resistance 2 as FPS for this year and u know very well how FPSes sell in US and Europe

I project a minimum sales of 6m for Resistance 2 this year. It could well be more since Resistance 2 will outshine Resistance 1 in sales as well as REVIEWS and quality

n4gzz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I like the first. His eyes gives you chill feeling on it.

StephanieBBB3730d ago

1 of 3rd

Slightly leaning at the first but anyhow the 2nd looks like crap.

PirateThom3730d ago

Gears of War, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed all have had collector's editions, and they were first in the series!

Overr8ed3730d ago

The Fan base is really big, go to and there see how much people are loving the Resistance games. As for the cover its between 2 and 3. 3 looks cool but i kinda saw that coming and 2 looks the sames as any other movie cover (which may be a good thing)

deeznuts3730d ago

You weren't aware cuz your green colored goggles block all good things Sony!

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PlayStation3603730d ago

it's like I REALLY want to like the third choice. But for some reason I can't. I don't know why. So I guess I gotta go with the 2nd choice.

Anyways, R2, 1st day buy.

I wonder what type of extras will come with the Collectors Edition because that's the one I'm getting. Maybe DLC, "making of" DVD, and some type of figurine.

Maldread3730d ago

Yeah i agree. It`s a good idea, i just didn`t like the environment Hale was in. I`m between the first and second one ;)

slave2Dcontroller3730d ago

This compliments the hell out out of my copy of MGS4! Having these 2 similiar styles of boxart in my collection would be SWEEEEEEEEET! So #1 hands down!

Chuck Norris3730d ago

The covers suck. They could have done a lot more with the covers. Hale sitting atop a fallen leviathan's head would look more much awesome than the ones they showed.

Fishy Fingers3730d ago

hmmm.... I quite like the 1st and 3rd.

Still I'm not one for "collectors editions" Or "limited editions". I just want the disc, put it in a brown paper bag and I'll be happy.

n4gzz3730d ago

@ Fishy.
Thats funny .. put in brown bag. wonder if they don't make all fancy cover, it would be $10 cheaper.

SaiyanFury3730d ago

I liked all of them, but I liked the 3rd the most. Maybe it's just me.

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