Dark Souls 3 Review - A Love Letter To The Fans From The Masters - What Culture

"Hands down, this is THE definitive Souls experience."

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starchild1102d ago

I enjoyed reading this review. It was well written.

"From the first moment I'd slain scores of zombified warriors and lit my first bonfire, to the last when I was watching the credits and already planning my next character build, Dark Souls 3 is everything FromSoftware have learned over the last seven years, rolled into the tightest and most enrapturing package yet."

I have to agree. This is my favorite Souls-type game yet.

slappy5081101d ago

This is my second souls game, after Bloodborne. I like this one way better (not that I hated bloodborne ) but this feels more like an rpg whereas bloodborne felt like more of an action game with Rpg elements. It also helps that dark souls feels more fluid on my pc. I'm going to give the older games a try when I finish this!