PWN or DIE Wants to Send Your DNA Into Space - Operation Immortality

PWN or DIE has teamed up with NCsoft to send a handful of gaming icons DNA into space with Richard Garriott's Operation Immortality scheduled for October 12, 2008. Included in the group are Mike Kulas, president of Volition (makers of Saints Row), Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling of Infinity Ward(makers of Call of Duty 4), PWN or DIE founder Nick Smith, Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Jo Garcia, twelve time world champion gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, and MLG Halo star David "Walshy" Walsh.

Additionally there is an opportunity for a user to have their DNA included via an open contest ran on the site this week.

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donator3707d ago

Forget world leaders, scientists, or other highly influential people...