Reeves shrugs off FFXIII on 360 saying, "It's still exclusive in Japan"

VG247: SCEE president David Reeves has shrugged off Microsoft's intended E3 coup de grace FFXIII announcement by predicting a hardware boost from the game's release and pointing out that it's still a Japanese PS3 exclusive.

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Jamie Foxx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

yup he did! basically in a polite way he said its up tp square and microsoft to try and get the game looking halfway decent on the 360 because its maximised to the more powerful ps3 and they got their work cut out! and his not worried about it being on the 360 because its exclusive in japan the home of rpg's! wow

this console war is amusing when head figures get involved

Peekay3708d ago

lol - i don't know how you got that many agrees but no where in that article does it say they'll try to get the game "looking halfway decent on the 360 because its maximized to the more powerful ps3 and they got their work cut out!"

I agree with your personal opinion but I think all he said was that It'll look good on the Ps3 and be exclusive to Japan!

Jamie Foxx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

“I know it will look great on PS3 and – it’s up to Microsoft to clarify this – it’s still exclusive in Japan.”

from there mate,im not saying his right in his comments but you dont need to be a genius to see what his getting at

i just find it hilarious these two companies are acting like there in the school playground with kids around them in a circle shouting 'fight fight fight fight'

EDIT:peekay you could be right,im just saying how i saw it because it needs no clarification that its exclusive in japan on the ps3 microsoft and square have both confirmed this.but it does need clarification how there going to fit this onto dvd9 and how many discs it will use

anyway bubbles dude

Peekay3708d ago

sure if anything he was talking about the exclusivity of FFXIII in Japan and not how gimped it will look on the 360.

rogimusprime3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

sure Jamie Foxx doesn't use the word "mate" :)

Jamie Foxx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

mate/dude its all the same lol

bubbles dude

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thereapersson3708d ago

David Reeves is the king of SPIN. He's correct in his statement, however...

r2kcipher3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Microsoft pr in 08= spin.

hes just being honest!

thereapersson3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Why the disagrees? I said he's correct in his statement.

BTW, perhaps you haven't seen that article that has him stating that being last in Europe when it comes to delivering content to gamers is a good thing, and that he thinks consumers are willing to wait.

edit: here it is

r2kcipher3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

i disagreed because he is not the king of spin tho. if u think he is thats fine lol. i think lying about console shortages is spin at its worse. if u disagree hit the button that says disagree. and tell me why.

EDIT: give me a good reason to respond too.

RememberThe3573708d ago

If you say anything that might, possibly, in a round about way, point at something generally negative about Sony, you'll get disagrees... That kind of the way things are working now days.

JUUKENS HOT3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

because you put he is the king of spin

no thats microsoft in 2008 have you read their statements? even 360 owners were embarrased,and because you got disagrees you then reported the story now thats lame and cowardly

vg247 do not post full articles only in segments so its not a duplicate story

EDIT: reaper you commented on the article saying blah blah spin,but yeh his right, you then got diagrees,you then commented about your disagrees,you then got more disagrees so you then reported a story after you commented on it. in my eyes thats cowardly actions,im not calling you a coward in general but those actions were. and the times of your comments and report of the story back up my claim because i was like damn his now reported it thats lame

you been caught out

reaper i saw when you first commented there were reports,so why comment then after your disagrees and in your second comment clearly getting irate about the disagrees do you then report the story? your not fooling anyone.

i have no beef with you just didnt like your actions

the times of all your actions are there or everyone to see what you did

thereapersson3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Then Shane Kim must be his father.

Oh, you see what I did there, fanboys?

@ Juuken's Hot: I didn't report the story because I got disagrees, I reported it because of the 6 other excerpts from the SAME DAMN ARTICLE have been submitted as new stories.

Calling me a coward? That's a personal attack.

Edit: No, i haven't been found out about anything. When I posted the comment, there were no visible reports. But when I went into the main page, I saw that there were many other stories from the same article in the pending section. I then reported this story because I was currently in it.

I don't even get what your problem with me is. Are you currently employed by Sony or recieve an income from them? If you look at my comment history, I normally only post in articles that pertain to PS3-related topics because it's the system I do the most gaming on. What's the deal here?

BTW, your responses indicate your are defending this sort of submission behavior, instead of agreeing with me that this story should not have been posted in the first place, regardless of what is happening in the comments box.

Edit 2: It doesn't matter how the reports form, because this story is against the N4G submissions ToS. You do know this, right? You know I got those disagrees while this was reported, so does it matter if I became another person to report it? My disagrees and this story have nothing to do with one another, you are just making invalid assumptions.

TheColbertinator3708d ago

Careful now Reaper,no one wants any trouble.

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TheColbertinator3708d ago

OK Reeves,if you say so.Just remember that Square Enix screwed you guys over once and they can do it again.

Anyway still waiting for the game...

shadowghost7523708d ago

Waiting for FFXIII? Nah never liked Final Fantasy

Kleptic3708d ago

I just want to see what it looks like...every FF game since FFVII has brought a lot of insane technology to the table...however I have yet to play any of them since FFVII...

hell FFX holds its own perfectly against a ton of current gen games (every 360 game until Gears 1, and a crap load of PS3 launch titles aside from Resistance and Motorstorm)...and that was an early PS2 title...

CaptainHowdy3708d ago

is catty girlfriend!!! He knows ff13 is releasing where it'll matter the most.

AAACE53708d ago

I'd like to introduce you to Sony's version of shane kim!

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