Fit Brains trims the fat from gamers' noodles

Globe & Mail games reporter looks at Fit Brains, an online game portal loaded with Brain Age-style mind training games that's being used by health care professionals to help people with brain diseases keep mentally active. From the story:

"Led by the popular Nintendo DS titles Brain Age and Big Brain Academy, dozens of so-called brain training games have popped up in recent years. Often designed in part by folks who claim expertise in neurological health, the makers of these games typically maintain that regular play sessions will help us think more quickly and clearly.

Of course, the actual benefit is difficult to measure. To be sure, over time players usually become more skilled in each of the discrete challenges presented in these games; we learn, for example, to solve simple math problems more quickly and identify complex shapes with greater accuracy. But is this a sign that our brains becoming healthier, or simply an example of our capacity to get better at games the more we practice them?

I don't claim to know the answer. However, if there is a company capable of creating games that can keep our minds in tip-top shape, it might be Vivity Labs...."

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