DOOM Will Have Unlocked FPS on PC; Beta Extended for an Extra Day

DOOM will have unlocked frame rate on PC, as announced by the Lead Renderer Programmer. The beta has also just been extended for an extra day.

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Festano2056d ago

Such a disappointment, I hope the campaign will be decent at least.

PixelGateUk2056d ago

As much as i dislike the MP, it's good that they're not capping the pc when it comes to performance

Alexious2056d ago

There's really no reason to do it, either. Though I agree with disliking the MP, I was expecting a lot more

BartMoons2056d ago

The greatness of unlocked fps!

Artemidorus2056d ago

The multiplayer feels like a mix of UT and Quake 3 multiplayers.

Not a bad thing but in today's world very average.

DefenderOfDoom22056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

No bad a thing at all. So refreshing playing a new FPS MP without re-gen health .

But the thing that i am really concerned about it is, all the pickups were out in open . Are there any secret areas behind closed doors in new DOOM? Do we have the ability to open doors in levels while playing multiplayer ?

FlameBaitGod2055d ago

UT and Quake are much better than this crap.

Deadpooled2053d ago

Truth, UT and Quake (and the old DOOM) destroy this no skill dudebro tripe of a multiplayer, if Activision made this it would be called 'Call of Duty Demon Warfare'. Probably a cod aim assist aim acceleration fanwhore disagreed voted this statement.

hardcorehenry2056d ago

I'm happy t0 heAR theyre extending it. Been at the cottage all weekend so was going to quickly jump in for a few hours before the end of the night tonight. Now I'll be able to really judge for myself if all this negativity is justified.

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The story is too old to be commented.