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Overall, I enjoyed Star Fox Guard more than I thought I would. I went in expecting a tower defense game with all the tropes that goes along with it, but that is so far from the truth. You constantly have to be on your toes and pay attention to what is happening on both of the screens. This makes it fun to play through, even if the opening moments are somewhat too slow in my opinion. The presentation didn't blow me away, but the gameplay is the most important factor and they have that nailed down to an impressive degree!

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wolf581972d ago

at last andross prepare to meet yor doooooooom

972d ago
chiefthunder972d ago

best shoot em up for me along side with panzer dragon

skebik7972d ago

yep i am anxious to see if surpass starfox 64

higgins78972d ago

I'm desperate to see how this plays/handles - both Guard and Zero. I'll be honest, early previews have me worried. I'm not your 'gimmick' troll, rather quite the opposite, being very much in favour of innovation and experimentation. However, where as some pay off, such as Skyward Sword - MAGNIFICENT, some less so...

jholden3249972d ago

Looks good. Out in a few days too. Been wanting a StarFox game for a long time. And we're finally about to get one...

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