Want sexy fanservice? These ten PlayStation 4 games are for you

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The console has also become the default platform for the Japanese developers that specialise in building those kinds of sexy fanservice-heavy games that are absolutely slaughtered in the press and mainstream, but tend to have a very vocal niche that come out in support of them. Because for some people this kind of thing is fun, so why shouldn't we celebrate them?"

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ShaunCameron1009d ago

I have Onechanbara Z2 Chaos and Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. Both of which were made by Tamsoft. I Platinum-ed the former.

Hoffmann1009d ago

Wow Tamsoft.

I remember them from Battle Arena Toshinden

SolidGear31009d ago

Onechanbara Z2 is on my wanted list :3

equal_youth1008d ago

I'm still waiting on a sale for these Games but I definitely want `em all! ^^

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ArmoredCoreVI1009d ago

Nothing wrong with fan service.

R6ex1008d ago

Anime lovers will like these.