Quantum Break (PC) review: A time-bending adventure hobbled by technical mishaps - PC World

"Microsoft's push into PC gaming continues to be hobbled by shoddy PC ports, as driven home by the otherwise excellent Quantum Break."

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iistuii1097d ago

I was lucky I got given a pre order code by a friend who bought it on Xbox one. Thank god I didn't buy it. I have a gtx780ti & it doesn't matter what settings I try its awful. It's the same on the highest settings as it is on the lowest, it's a poor port for sure. I think I'll wait for a few patches to play it. I max out ROTTR on DX12 with very high textures & it runs like a dream, this game is a mess for me.

BattleAxe1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Microsoft really needs to shore up their game releases on the PC side of things. The game plays like a dream on Xbox One, but I wont even waste the time on the PC version in it's current state. Not to mention that the game doesn't support 2560 x 1080 resolution(21:9), which is what I need for it to be the best possible experience on my PC.