Silent Hill: Homecoming leaked?

As with Silent Hill: Origins, it appears there's a rumour that Silent Hill: Homecoming has been leaked already and is available for download illegally, presumably for PC or Xbox 360. The file is supposedly on a private tracker at BitSoup.

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Arsenic133758d ago

I dont think it would be good to show this off. If Homecoming doesn't sell well Konami is ending the series.

Bombibomb3757d ago

I find it very difficult for me to get excited about Silent Hill: Homecoming. 'The Collective' have never even made a decent video game. I don't what the hell Konami was thinking.

JsonHenry3757d ago

I really hope this game is good. I have been a fan of the series since the first one on the original PSone.

M337ING3757d ago

If this is true, you know you just contributed to its piracy?

jcfilth3757d ago

Wonder why it's never the PS3 version of a game the one in that position. Same thing happened with GTAIV.

Fishy Fingers3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Thats because currently there is no way to play a copied game on the PS3.

Even the 360 still requires you to physically "chip" your console.

@the disagrees, please reply, I look forward to seeing how you disagree with fact.

ds62203757d ago

People are disagreeing with this statement simply because it is untrue and not a fact. It would be true to say that there is a particular drive in most of the newer 360s that have yet to be exploited, but most of the machines out there today can be modified without physically "chipping" it. there is also quite a scene for the PS3 releases as well, however I can not confirm if any of the images can actually be played off a burned blu-ray. the scene may simply be place holders until there is a real solution. I certainly hope that there is more protection on the PS3 other than just "Blu-ray media is expensive to buy".

Qdog3757d ago

I would wager, or even be so bold as to say that Sony has made it extremely tough,(nigh impossible), for console hackers and pirates to succeed on the PS3 platform, because unlike the PSP, Sony attacked the possibility of piracy on all fronts within the console...from the DRM on the Blu-ray discs, to the hardware, and software(Hypervisor, that sends random usage info) anti-piracy implementations, they even threw in firmware updates for overkill(to fill in future holes, that devs may leave), they seem to also have used a larger less viable(for piracy, due to size) format with blu-ray...all while actually using an on-die method(a core within the processor itself, which rules out using a modchip to circumvent security measures, without disabling the processor itself) to deter piracy, and hacking... So this makes the PS3 a very viable solution to console piracy, and possibly one that other console manufacturers will likely implement in future iterations(generations) in their own way.

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aggh im on fire3757d ago

Im really hoping its going to be good as i love the silent hill games but i have the same felling that its going to be awful.. Konami why?

Fishy Fingers3757d ago

hmmm.... well this isn't the best news for the developers, still I'm not sure this is the sort of thing that should grace N4G as we're doing nothing but promoting the torrent.

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The story is too old to be commented.