Mark Kern is to take the case with Wow´s legacy servers to Blizzard´s Mike Morhaime

I (Robin Ek, TGG) was just informed that Mark Kern (Ex-Blizzard and Red 5 Studios game designer) will talk to Mike Morhaime (Blizzard´s CEO) about having and allowing legacy servers for Wow. And not only that, some well-known Youtuber´s and Twitch Streamers (Chance Morris and Alan Widmann, to name a few) has agreed to spread out the word about the "Legacy server among World of Warcraft community" petition.

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MRMagoo1232017d ago

won't work blizzard have no want or need to do it.

TGG_overlord2017d ago

You mean that Blizzard has no need to do that, and they don´t want to do it either? Well, time will tell I guess.

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Xristo2017d ago

Blizzard needs to take a page from EQ2. Their TLE servers are what WoW needs for the Vanilla crowd.

TGG_overlord2017d ago

I agree with you, and it seems like Mark Kern are trying to explain that to Blizzard.

rego2017d ago

It's like Blizzard is going out of their way to not take people's money.

TGG_overlord2017d ago

Exactly, and they are pissing off a lot of people in the process as well...