Nintendo Wii surpasses mark of one million consoles sold in Canada

The Canadian Press reports that The Nintendo Wii was last of the next-generation video game consoles out of the box, but it's the first to pass the million mark in unit sales in Canada.

The Wii had sold just under 1,060,000 units in July according to recently released figures by the NPD Group, which tracks the industry. In comparison, the Xbox 360 sold just over 870,000 units in Canada through July while the PlayStation 3 was just over 520,000.

In the first seven months of 2008, the Wii outsold its opposition combined. Canadian consumers bought 376,000 Wiis, compared to 200,000 for the PS3 and 154,000 for the Xbox 360.

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Blaine3758d ago

Well, apart from the Wii selling so well, which I don't understand by the way, there's a great news in there: the PS3 sold 30% more than the 360 did in the first 8 months of 2008. Let's keep going like that.

Transformer3758d ago

Yeah even Canada is starting to play beyond and realizing the PS3 is more than meets the eye.

ThaTeflonDon3758d ago

..and stop comparing wii to PS3 & Xbox360 ....their not even on the same playing field ....this is like comparing how many fans attended USA Football game to an European Football game ..... they kill me with that .... But nice marketing on Wii-tendo for getting everyone to beleive the hype!

ChickeyCantor3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

No this is like comparing VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS.
Wether you like it or not but that's the reality.

If Ps3 or 360 was leading non of you guys would be saying it's not "competing", instead you guys would be saying " Wii is getting it's ass kicked by the PS3/360."

So stop the insecure hypocritical crap.

ThaTeflonDon3758d ago

First off ... I own a Wii ... my son & I play it all the time ....second off technically, it'll never be considered next-gen ....IMHO ... but in terms as of the year built ..I guess so ... and if the wii is so great competive wise ...would Wii's sell as much if it was the same price as ps3 or xbox360 ..... Hell No! ...still price has nothing to do with NEXT-GEN ... Be-wii-ve it or Not! ...ITS NOT NEXT-GEN!

ChickeyCantor3758d ago

" ...would Wii's sell as much if it was the same price as ps3 or xbox360 "

People already got it from Ebay, and not for close to 1000 dollars.

Your logic is a failure.
If Wii was at the same price of the Ps3 or 360 The SPECS would be different too. If the Ps3 and 360 were 250 at launch the SPECS would be LOWER.
Putting the same price tag on the current "hardware" is illogical.
And yes i think it would have sold, Why? Because Nintendo does a F great job at promoting both their DS and Wii.
But then again the "hardware" would not be the same.

Price got nothing to do with Next-gen? then why bother talk about it?
Wii is "next-gen". Next Gen applies to many different things.
You can have Next gen Animation, Next gen Physics, Next gen USER INTERFACE or it just simply means its "next-gen" for being a follower of the previous console(hell it applies to all of it "they are all followers).

Face it [Next gen] = buzzword.
It's still comparing VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS. And you just don't want to realize this.

"....second off technically, it'll never be considered next-gen ....IMHO"


First you state your opinion as FACT, now you say IMHO?
You are trying to convince me that it's not NEXT GEN because you think that in your honest opinion?

Look Wii is kicking ass and i'm not saying this because i'm a so called "fanboy".
It's just reality.
Wii = gaming console
Ps3 = gaming console
360 = gaming console.

All 3 are Gaming consoles at heart.

ThaTeflonDon3758d ago

You amuse me you have so much heart into this topic ..but check this out ... Most sites on the internet refer to next-gen as:

(NEXT-GENeration) A common label applied to a major upgrade of a hardware or software product. ~

So if the Wii is next-gen ..what does that make PS3 & Xbox360 ..let me know when you come up with a word. Cause not a single thing on the Wii is new for consoles ...not even your so called controller ...already been in use ...look it up .....but like I said ..great marketing by Wii-tendo.

ItsDubC3758d ago


"The phrase Next Generation is cited as a frequently-used BUZZWORD, in which case ITS MEANING IS INTENTIONALLY VAGUE, but carries a connotation of newness or modernness."

The term "next gen" does not have a concrete definition, and anyone who uses it as if it does has simply made up a definition for it.

I own both a PS3 and Wii, and the Wii definitely exemplifies the word "new" more than my PS3 or the 360. Then again, I'm not obsessed w/ CPU clock speeds and shader technology like a lot of gamers are today (unfortunately), as if these things given today's standards have any significant impact on how good the games on a particular platform can be.

ChickeyCantor3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

You clearly missed the part where i said what Next Gen could mean when it comes to consoles.
You ignored it, so no reason to take you serious with your other comments.

Also to answer your question DubC pretty much already did.

Funny that you call me a "wii-lover" while honestly im just being realistic.

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Gr813758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

My sentiments exactly. I don't get this "Wii is not in direct competition" Yet both companies continually mention the Wii for comparison reasons and guestimations. People have to come back to reality and look at facts and the fact is Wii is outselling both competitors combined month in and month out. But I guess the fanboy rebuttal will be "only soccer moms are buying, old people, and casuals are buying"

wiizy3758d ago

even the canadians realize the one system with any innovation