Are Ubisoft and Massive Killing ‘The Division’?

ScreenCritics takes a look at the latest controversy surrounding The Division.

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SavingPvt_Highon1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I had a lot of fun getting to lvl 30 but the end game was horrible pre patch. All I ever got for drops was purple gear that I didn't need. It was completely frustrating. Patch 1.1 was too little too late for me. We should have been getting gold drops at lvl 30 on release. Hopefully the DLC will be redeeming. Until then, it will remain on my shelf collecting dust.

Saijahn1104d ago

How much time did you spend in the DZ? Yeah the gold drops were far and few but they happened. I got 2 MIDAS' in the DZ in about an hour. Now gold drops so frequent and you can either use it for the materials or recalibrate.

Falcon Lost is really good and the blueprints for highends have been there since day 1. You just need to get phoenix credits. Most of my high ends before the patch were due to blueprints and crafting.

1104d ago
Saijahn1103d ago

just because you don't fancy it doesn't mean it's no good. my buddies and I enjoyed the waves of enemies and testing out random guns for kicks. everybody won't like what you like..that's okay, i promise.

EeJLP-1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I platinumed it and stopped playing.. I have the season pass though, so I'll eventually go back, even though they're making BS items paid and not part of the season pass, which should include everything. I wasn't interested in playing for tens of hours for relatively few chances at rolling potentially better gear. Many hundreds or potentially thousands of hours to get your ideal spec loadout, no thanks. Then spend all that time, just to have the level cap raised in a later update, so all of the stuff you spent hundreds of hours scavenging, crafting, or the rolling specs of becomes obsolete.

Muzikguy1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


That's one of the reasons I never even started to play the division. The beta was enough for me

trenso11103d ago

Honestly stop lying to your self, all the gold drop in DZ are GS 163 with the occasional 182 all of that is really just crafting parts. Not actual upgrades to your gear at all. And thats terrible that all the end game drops unless its GS 192+ is just for crafting. They nerfed the drops more than anything in 1.1. Sure we are seeing more yellows, but 99% are trash save for the occasion gear set item you find

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Blade921103d ago

Your scavenging level must suck. Before the patch I got gold quite a number of times. That's a huge factor in how often you get a gold drop.

brokenbracket1102d ago

That's completely incorrect. It has more to do with the quality of the drop, versus how often high end items drop for you. Especially considering how high end items drop for you all the time now. That right there should inform you that your idea of scavenging is incorrect.

For example, pre-patch my scavenging was at 40%, I got some high ends but were all ilvl 30 (163gs). Post-patch, my scavenging is at 106%, and I get high ends all the time just like everyone else, but where some might get 163gs items all the time is where I now get 182gs items now, with a higher chance of getting ilvl 32 loot, or 214gs.

D3TH_D33LR1103d ago

It's a month later. Too little too late?? My god kids these days...

joab7771104d ago

No offense to anyone who lives the game, bit it has no lasting power. As many mmo rpgs have learned, ot is very difficult to keep making content for people. Ubisoft made a killing, and they may farm whales for a bit, but its a rarity that a game continues to be successful.

Enemy variety and lack of a true end game is tough.

Kreisen1104d ago

There is some truth to that sure. But keep in mind there are plenty of games out there that had no real "end-game content", centered on blind repetition and still managed to keep people coming back for years. Games like COD and LoL are prime examples.

iistuii1103d ago

Exactly. I'd rather play the division not knowing what's about to drop than a constant match on cod or a game of FIFA, everything is repetitive after a while not just the division....

TimelessDbz1104d ago

Like i said before anyone who thinks a console mmo with out a subscription or micro transactions is going to do well is delusional.

Like it or not destiny did it right with micro transactions. That way they can put money back into the game and give free content updates and not fixes that are called a content update .

Last your game can't be a one time purchase and then expect updates constantly . It has to be free to play, subscription or has to have a variety of stuff in the cash shop. Content updates aren't free :P

TimelessDbz1104d ago

Lol at the disagrees. I am very open minded so please tell me game that was successful that was a one time purchase trying to do a mmo experience.

d0x3601104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

You are getting disagrees because people paid for dlc with destiny. They didn't just give that content away AND as far as destiny goes the dlc was in the game until Activision made them rip it out to sell later.

The problem with the division is it has less variety than destiny did at launch which is UNBELIEVABLE. There is no end game. The dark zone is garbage. Its a zone run by rogues using exploits to get million damage per shot guns and armor thats so strong you can't hurt them.

Ubi soft has no damn clue what they are doing with this game and they put no.thought into the end game beyond "darkzone". Then once we realized that was horribly broken they whipped together a god damn room and called it incursion.

It has nothing to do with paying a monthly fee. Jesus Sega managed to keep PSO on Dreamcast fresh with new missions on a console that didn't even have patching or DLC. Oh and there is 1 example. PSO was a massive success worldwide on Dreamcast and Xbx and pc

Also in case you somehow didn't notice neither destiny nor division are MMOs. They are actually using the same gameplay model created by Sega for...what? PSO!!!!

TimelessDbz1104d ago

The most recent content update was not from a season pass. It was an actually content update made free from the micro transactions

XenoBoone3821103d ago

Timeless you've been hating the game since we played together. Lol It's not about the model of what it's doing, you have been pretty vocal that you just didn't like it.

InTheZoneAC1103d ago

destiny and other subscription based mmo's made more than enough money on the base game to carry out dlc's and updates for years.

you trying to make excuses for what you think are basement kickstarter devs/publishers is comical, acting like you're doing the rest a good cause by throwing away money on content that can be earned in game or should be free in game.

what's sad is that you believe what you said and that is the scary part because you're not alone. Truly epic!

maybelovehate1103d ago

The new POE is so terrible. The new strike is also pretty meh, just a rehash of an old mission. I love Destiny, but if this is what the Transaction are buying so far it is a major fail.

TimelessDbz1103d ago

@Zone I am still waiting on a example. Until then your opinion really isn't valid. Division would have made alot more money if they had just put more clothing options in the cash shop. Some of that money would had made it back into the game content updated instead of a season pass.

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UKmilitia1103d ago

i just want everquest 2 aon my ps4
damn i loved that game.

Thefreeman0121103d ago

that would be cool. I enjoyed the game when it first came out more because you had to reach a certain lvl to become that class, evertyhing felt a bit different

MikePWV1103d ago

Me too. I still remember the days of EQOA on the PS2 playing on my dialup aol internet. Those were the days.

Whiskeyjacked871104d ago

Still enjoying it. Trying to collect the new sets!

Immorals1104d ago

Got a few set pieces, the stats are noticeably worse than my current gear and I'm only gear rank 151? The bonuses don't make up for the lost stats!

kneon1104d ago

Whats worse is that I got some gold gear that isn't quite as good as my purple gear for my current choice of weapons, but because I have it in storage I get pushed into DZ 161+ even though my current gear level is 155.

I could understand it if I were carrying that high level gear, because you don't want someone switching into high end gear after entering the 160 and under DZ. But my gear is in storage and inaccessible from the DZ. Am I going to have to sell or dismantle it just to get back under 160, that would be really stupid.

n4rc1103d ago

i get the logic. If you have 160+ gear, then you are 160+ regardless of where you put that gear. you shouldnt be able to sandbag your character to get into lower tiered areas..

in theory.. i totally get why you would do that, but i think that is their thinking

kneon1103d ago

But their logic is illogical. If I can't use my high end gear then my character is not currently 161+. I've since tried destroying my excess high end gear and it seems to have made no difference, I'm still being pushed into the 161+ DZ. I'm not sandbagging my character, I just didn't like that gear and never actually used it other than to equip it once to see how it affects my stats.

I currently have all my best gear equipped and I'm still at 155, I can't get any higher than that with the gear I currently own, so I'm being punished for having received high end drops that I didn't like.

n4rc1103d ago

if it persists even after youve trashed the gear then thats wrong.. bug or oversight id guess

MagicBeanz1104d ago

Most of the people I know who played it are completely over this game and have no interest anymore, shame it looked so promising.

starchild1104d ago

Hm lots of friends and I are enjoying it a lot.

iistuii1103d ago

Don't forget if N4G's say it's dead, it's dead,.. Not in my house, I'm still playing it. I can't stop, got many Uplay friends who are on it every day like myself..

lalagideon1103d ago

This is my experience, too. Most folks I know are pretty much over it. I like how people "disagreed" with your own personal experience. LOL

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