Is the PSP Set For A Comeback? writes "This gaming generation has certainly been an interesting one. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 are in the middle of a Grand Showdown, and Nintendo's catapulted themselves back to the top with the massively successful Wii and DS. But there's one system by Sony that isn't doing too well right now.

I'm talking about the PSP, Sony's introduction into the Handheld Gaming world. But it wasn't a very smooth introduction..."

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PoSTedUP3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

if GT4 come out for psp then ima get it as soon as possible! if not then ima wait till psp2 ya feel me. psp is a great handheld, i cant wait til i finally get one, i just found a job finally so ima be having major bread to spend on games, an HDTV, and possibly a psp, oh man i cant wait!

TheDeadMetalhead3705d ago

It's not as great as the DS, but it's still one helluva system. :)

PoSTedUP3705d ago

ive played the DS, its fun as hell, ive played zelda and frogger and i loved it. i think the psp is better cause it has better graphics and GOD OF WAR! and soon.... RESISTANCE baby! cant wait. cheers also.

INehalemEXI3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Dissidia, FF13 Agito etc. You know what would rock a PSP version of BlazBlue. I just want it on PSN ASAP though.

Mad Aizen3705d ago

Is this article from 2006?, you're fired.

ThatArtGuy3705d ago

I've been here for years!
Rockin' my peers and puttin' suckas in fear.
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon.
Listen to the bass go BOOM!
Explosion, overpowerin...
Over the competition, I'm towerin.

Thanks LL Cool J

rwest783705d ago

Nice picture of the PSP3000

epic FAIL

SmokingMonkey3705d ago

BIG screen BIG screen BIG screen
FREE online play (32 players! 360 barely does that for $50)
WIFI (again 360 barely does that!)
Remote Play! (Wii/Ds don't even think about it this gen)
Music (DS w/ R4, good luck)
Movies (Bluray Copy, PSN video store. Hello, DS..videos? music? pics?)
PSN GAMES! (echochrome, beats!, flow) (Talkman language helper)
MemoryStick DUO (DS memory stick? iPod memory stick?) up to 16gb!
Easily replacement battery pack (DS, you know i'm lookin at you)
GPS add-on
Camera add-on
GTA the way it's supposed to be (look for DS GTA to be top down view)
GAMES patapon/FF1,2,tactics,CC/GoW/S OCOM/SFalpha3!!!/MH/ c
PS1 games! (PS1 games DL from PSN play on PSP and PS3!!! FF7 plz)

PSP PWNS DS IMO <<< get that

r2kcipher3705d ago

all true. i will soon have both tho. once chrono triger comes out. i will be forced to join the mass population(children under 14) and buy a ds. i still have it for snes. but my controllers for that system. are old and barely work. i missed out on the ps1 version. and this could be my last chance to play it again.

princejb1343705d ago

oh wait i also can play GBA, snes, psx, nintendo, sega genesis and much more emulators on my psp, boosting the software to 500+

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