Gamedaily: N+ Review

Gamedaily writes: "Originally created as a freeware title for PC, N+ has since become a popular game on Xbox Live Arcade – and for good reason. Now portable owners have their shot at ninjahood with Atari's take on N+ for the Sony PSP.

You play a nameless hero given a simple task – get from point A to point B on each level. At first, it's a snap, jumping around platforms, activating a switch to open a nearby door and then exiting. As you proceed through each one, however, challenging obstacles build. Robotic sentries, missile launches, turret cannons and hundreds of mines scattered along the walls and ceilings vow to end your run. On top of that, you have a time limit working against you. Thankfully, by picking up gold pieces throughout each level you keep time from dwindling away."

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