NZGamer: Infinite Undiscovery Preview

NZGamer writes, "After a long dry spell without any next-gen RPGs, we're in for a real treat in the next few months as they start coming at us from all sides. The Xbox360 has scored a couple of exclusives, and Infinite Undiscovery is one of them. And because it's been made by Tri-Ace and published by SquareEnix you know it's going to be good."

The Good: Challenging combat using natural phenomenon
The Bad: At 40-50 hours it may be a little short for some
The Ugly: During combat, party members call the name of their attack.

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rroded3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

even if we wernt in a rpg drought on the ps3 this game would stand out. Lets just hope they dont go the namco way with the dlc lol

INehalemEXI3732d ago

I remember the dude saying something like Dancing Rhapsody while attacking , if the attacks where named Tiger Style or something of that nature I would not mind. That was just sad to watch though.