PlayStation 4.5 will crown Sony winners of this console generation

"Sony is leading from the front and, unless challenged swiftly, it'll be game over for Xbox One."

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FallenAngel19841098d ago

Are you implying that Sony isn't already the winner of this gen

Crimzon1097d ago

People crowned Microsoft the victors of last gen early as well, and look at how that turned out for them. Despite the gigantic early lead and disastrous launch of their main rival, they ended up in last place thanks to their complacency.

miyamoto1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Slow and steady PS3 wins the race,eh?
This PS4.K BS from whoever NEEDS TO STOP!

Aloy-Boyfriend1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Yeah except Sony isn't being as complacent as they were. I just hope they don't putt all their resources on VR only

rainslacker1097d ago

Yeah, well they were doing that before the PS3 released, and then after that only because Xbox winning NPD. It ignored the bigger picture, whereas the bigger picture this time is that Sony has a rather sizable lead with no signs of slowing down, and all things point to this being a shorter generation. MS would have to pull off a miracle to really get "the crown" from Sony at this point, and time is quickly running out.

MS would basically have to quadruple their sales, with PS sales staying where they're at, to even get even with PS4 in the next 2-1/2 years. Consider how many consoles quadruple is for MS, then see why Sony already has the crown.

A PS4.5 or X1 isn't going to change that, it's just going to be a new generation, and obfuscate everything to the point where these types of discussions are even more pointless than they are now.

Vasto1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )


The next Xbox wont be about media and it wont come with Kinect.

Get your popcorn ready.

DarXyde1097d ago

Microsoft launched a year early and technically came in last sales-wise though. We're looking at a scenario where they launched with a week's difference and The disparity is larger now than Xbox 360 versus PS3 when PS3 first launched.

I don't think much can change the current generation landscape.

starchild1097d ago

It's highly likely the PS4 will finish the generation with more units sold.

There are a few as-yet unknown factors that will either allow the Xbox One to narrow the gap or cause the gap to widen. But being realistic it's not likely it will ever catch up.

Why o why1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Lol, people are expecting the xbox to miraculously do what its never done before.....outsell a playstation. Last gen should of shown people the difference between global brands vs global followings. Not even a head start, repeat purchases plus being cheaper pricepoint for the whole gen could thwart sonys machine. The only people who claimed the xbox was king was those who championed npd whilst ignoring the rest of the world like those smaller markets didn't matter.....

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GribbleGrunger1097d ago

It is pretty close. The PS4 only has a 20 million lead over the XB1 ...

To put that into perspective, the 360 had a 5 million lead over the PS3 and the PS3 ended up drawing with the 360.

Who knows what's going to happen in the near future. MS just released the highly successful QB and all Sony have is RAC, Uncharted 4, Alienation, Shadow of the Beast and No Man's Sky in answer.

It's squeaky bum time for a lot of us PS fans. Fingers crossed things go well and Sony hold onto their slim lead.

Muzikguy1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Those 5 games are a great answer to Quantum Break. Not that it matters since there's so much more coming later in the year as well. There's no way the X1 will make up a 20 million lead. It's only going to get worse for them with PSVR. I can't even see MS selling 40 million X1s tbh

GribbleGrunger1097d ago

My God, how obvious do you have to make it?

Sunny_D1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

well then... Carry on...

rainslacker1097d ago

Here's pretty obvious.

Assuming Sony's PS4 sales stay consistent going forward, MS would have to sell 4X the number of consoles they currently are(assuming MS is at 20 million and PS4 at 40m) in the next 2-1/2 years(current generations time frame) to even become even.

Given that right now Gears and Forza are their only heavy hitters going forward, and maybe Crackdown if it actually ends up being good, I can't really see MS quadrupling their numbers like that...particularly since Halo and Forza really failed to do that for them already. A gears game this holiday will give them a nice boost, but not 4X the number of consoles, and even that boost will be short lived.

Muzikguy1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

I got what you're saying. It's all good. Definitely sweating time for Sony and PS fans :)

I'm still thinking X1 may not even reach 40 million units. Many of its heavy hitters have already been released and it's "only" at 20 million. Those that want one most likely have it. Not many "heavy hitters" have hit the PS4 yet. This year they themselves may skyrocket in sales. Especially if VR takes off

rainslacker1097d ago


I think they'll break 40 million unless they jump on a new generation quicker...either through a mid-gen upgrade(if we count that as the same gen) or through a new X2.

While they have pretty much put all their major contenders out(GeOW incoming at least), they are likely to have another Halo and a couple Forza's, which do give them some boost in sales.

I can't see this gen ending before the 5 year mark, and if MS is already at 20 million, according to one report, then it's reasonable to assume they can get to 40.

I guess it depends on when we stop counting though. Seems like last gen, we all stopped counting soon after the new consoles released...or for some the last report since before their release.

If Sony maintains momentum, I can actually see them trying to keep this gen going longer. Publishers aren't likely to abandon a significant user base just for a new generation, which would give Sony some breathing room to maintain support for a year or so after a potential X2 release, which would mean that most X2 games would just be cross gen ports and a couple significant 1st party titles, but Sony would get extra time to make stronger hardware cheaper, and have a better line up while maximizing profits from this gen.

WelkinCole1097d ago

True Sony has nothing left but all their big hitters while MS still have more Halo and Froza that will completely destroy the PS4.

Sony is DOOM, DOOM I say.

Muzikguy1097d ago


I can see that scenario play out exactly as you're saying. I'm sure Sony has thought about that themselves. Hopefully they continue to focus on the present and not put too much thought into that next gen scenario yet. I feel like a mid-gen release would make that scenario not play out that way. Or, they could use the money made off the mid release to help fund better hardware for the PS5. I still think it's a bad business move though because then the door is open for mid-releases every generation moving forward

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Muzikguy1097d ago

That's such a crazy title. Whether people care about winners or not, it's pretty obvious

PhoenixUp1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

@ Crimzon

Are you implying there's a chance that Microsoft can somehow overtake Sony this gen despite XO continually losing to PS4 in global weekly sales?

Also 8 million wasn't that gigantic a lead, and PS3's launch was actually more successful than 360's.

For reference Xbox 360 sold 1.50 million in 2005.

and PlayStation 3 sold 1.84 million in 2006.

PS3 sold more at its launch than 360 did at its launch despite being more expensive (during a recession no less), initially releasing in fewer territories, and releasing alongside the massive sensation of the Wii. Not to mention PS3 didn't suffer major hardware failures like the 360 did at its launch and beyond.

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Thatguy-3101098d ago

Idk I'm pretty sure a ton of gamers will upgrade if the benefits are great. The only way this can work is if they price it at 400$. The price tag seems to be the sweet spot this time around. If they decide to go above 400$ I doubt many will jump over.

ArchangelMike1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

It's not just the price of the PS4K, but also the fact that the vanilla PS4 will drop in price significanlty.

Say it drops to about $299, then sales of the vanilla PS4 would skyrocket. Sony could even bundle it with the PSVR for say $599.99, or even $649.99 and it would still be really competitive against Occulus rift and HTC Vive.

Crimzon1097d ago

The weird thing is that here in the UK at least, the prices of the PS4 & XB1 have nosedived while prices of the PS3/360 have remained the same for years now.

The sales during the holiday season last year had both the PS4 & XB1 selling for roughly £230 at retail, while the PS3 & 360 still had pricetags of £200, which is barely lower than their successors. I'm just wondering if/when Sony & Microsoft are going to lower the price of last gen consoles.

Muzikguy1097d ago


I'm seeing that same thing happen as well. I'm in the US. It seems they're making games, consoles, and accessories start to hold their value longer. Not sure who "they" consists of, but it's definitely happening. Same with used games

rainslacker1097d ago

PS4 has hit $299 a few times with promotions, and those months typically saw a nice boost in sales.

I'm not sure we'll see a PSVR console bundle until next year at the earliest though. Even then, it's probably not going to be significantly cheaper.

TheSaint1098d ago

Does anyone else find it odd that everyone BUT Sony are confirming this?

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ArchangelMike1097d ago

Will find out if it's been true or not at E3. Only a couple of months to go.

Sunny_D1097d ago

It's kind of like how every outlet were confirming the Nintendo NX controller and it turned out fake.

rainslacker1097d ago

Has anyone even asked Sony? Usually they would give a "We don't respond to rumors" comment if they were asked...yet don't recall ever reading that anywhere.

Are media sites afraid that asking will end the rumors, thus stop all these nice hits they're getting by perpetuating the rumor?

starchild1097d ago

One rumor gets spread around and reported from a variety of sites and it can seem to lend credibility to the rumor, but in many cases it's just one false rumor being repeated by many different people.

Muzikguy1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

It's so crazy they haven't said ANYTHING. It makes me think it's real, and I'd rather it not be. Sony has to know about all these rumors, so to me they're being quiet for a reason. What could that reason be? Yes, it's all rumor and everyone wants to know! Interesting spot to be in when the media and the customers are doing all the work lol

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