Doom 3: Redux Released - Overhauls Doom 3's Graphics, Includes FOV Slider & Restores Cut Content

DSOGaming writes: "While Doom 3 was something completely different from its predecessors, I have to confess that I really liked it. And I’m happy to report that a new overhaul mod has been released for it, aiming to improve its visuals, sound and user interface. And if that wasn’t enough, this mod also restores content that was cut from the both the vanilla game and the E3 2002 tech demo."

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Cobain191103d ago

Doom 3 looks almost better than Doom 4 with this mod. Amazing stuff

john21103d ago

It's amazing what modders can achieve, that's for sure

SolidGear31103d ago

Wowser! Wish this would get an official release on consoles :D