What The Next Zelda Can Learn From Xenoblade Chronicles X

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As the Zelda team prepares Link's first true open-world adventure, it would be wise for them to take a lesson from one of their closest neighbors.

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Metallox1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

1, Bringing the world to life.
You can do a lot of things in X, but as in many open world games, the substance of such missions it's not too exciting. The best Story, Affinity and Normal missions run out rather quickly and soon enough, the game becomes a grind fest.

2. Size matters
Size is what actually made X quite underwhelming in the exploration department. It's a huge world with spectacular vistas that basically is filled up with enemies in random locations, but it lacks a proper good design that can justify such massive scale.

Some sections of the main game feature interesting stealth twists, specifically in Chapter 5, where you must get through those Prone bases in order to destroy the turrets required to complete that task. That was good and it used interestingly the world. However, not much of this kind of content can be seen again.

Also, much of Mira is wasted, with the story missions highly ignoring the existence of Sylvalum and Cauldros.

So, no, size doesn't matter in this case; in fact, it can make your game more tedious than what already is.

"Exploring the world without loading screens".

This is something I strongly agree with.

So, if anything, Nintendo should avoid making Hyrule in Zelda U unnecessarily big, unless they do interesting things without relying on grinding or something similar like X did.

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Segata1098d ago

Monolith is assisting them anyway. XCX is the best outside open world to date. A lot of subtle things that made the world brilliant in game design. Nintendo makes worlds that matter and have purpose and a way of traversing them without it being to slow or cumbersome. Something a lot of devs even Square on FFXV can't say.

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