The Future of Sony’s First Party Studios

Ever since the PlayStation 4 launched back in 2013, the system has been lacking in quality, first-party exclusives. For a console that’s otherwise pretty damned great, this has been one of its biggest issues. It’s pretty clear that Sony is now focusing more heavily on second-party exclusives, and third-party partnerships. Evolution Studios, the developer behind the Motorstorm series and DriveClub, is the latest victim of this. It has officially been shut down, and it joins the likes of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM) and Studio Liverpool (Wipeout) in the rubble. Will this new strategy pay off for Sony in the long run, or is the company making a mistake in slowly abandoning its impressive first-party heritage?

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wotta2962d ago

Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, No Man's Sky, Horizon Zero Dawn that we know of. You could say it's gonna be a great year for exclusives on PS4.

Godmars2902962d ago

No Man's Sky isn't first party, Sony's just supporting and promoting the indies working on it.

naruga2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

if Knack , Killzone (many forgot that these were quality games), Driveclub, R&C, Street Fighter 5 are nt enough for you ..then there is Bloodborne that trumps every 8th generation game until now from any aspect ..i would ask the same question (now the edited out the question) at MS/Xone that still present Ori the blind forest as top exclusive for the console...... and is like a pS2 era game

Godmars2902962d ago

Out of all those titles only Ratchet and Clank aren't controversial in terms of being good much less successful. Failed to live up to expectations. Except for Knack and even there Sony's giving it another chance. A sequel. And again, like prior example, Dragon Quest isn't first party. It is perfect example of the kind of support Sony gets.

That said, out of the three console makers, Sony is the most able as far as supporting their system. Though many will argue such, not seeing any point in exaggerating that.

Scatpants2962d ago

@naruga So you say Knack is a good game and Infamous is a mediocre one? Opinion invalidated.

Kingthrash3602962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Why ask Sony this???????????
They bring out the most 1st part games and have the most upcoming first party games.
This is like asking apple where's the iPhone.
More examples?
Mlb the show
God of war remake
Tear away
Uncharted collection
Until dawn
Tlou remake
Uncharted 4
Also let me remind you that shu said they are coming they aren't rushing games out so they can be quality games.
Smh..why are we asking this from Sony when ms hasn't made a new 1st party ip at all this generation.

GribbleGrunger2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )


Yes, it is very odd isn't it. One would expect this question to be asked of the console with very few 1st party games. I'm assuming the author of this article used the tried and tested method of 'ignoring' certain games because of specific reasons.

Eonjay2962d ago

Infamous still has the best unsurpassed ending this gen:


BattleAxe2962d ago

It really shows the knowledge level that we're dealing with, when you see so many people who don't understand what a First Party Game is....

TFJWM2962d ago

@Eonjay Yes I agree that is the best ending if you have issues...Seek help before its too late

freshslicepizza2962d ago

nintendo is the one who supports its systems more than any of the others with first party games and look at how well the wii u sold. just goes to show how the industry has changed dramatically.

remixx1162962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

This sh*t literally blows my mind.

Sony is absolutely ruthless this year yet some how this article still gets approved.

These guys know exactly where to the first party games are and if they didn't a simple Google search would smack them upside the head with third,second and first party exclusives.

Hell sony has already released 2 so far in the former of gravity rush remaster and MLB the show, both with great reviews while uncharted 4 is just a couple days away.

And these games are filled in by second and third party exclusives like street fighter 5, alienation, ratchet and clank and no man's sky as the most recent stuff.

Why don't we ask the competition some of these dumb@ss questions.

Knushwood Butt2962d ago

The new Hot Shots Golf game is first party.

I played 6 to bits.

Lonnie182962d ago

Also Infamous First Light ending was awesome my goodness.

NewMonday2962d ago

why dose it matter if its 1st or 2nd party? an exclusive is an exclusive.

PS4 has the most exclusives, the better rated exclusives and the most diverse this generation.

PS4 has the most exclusives slated for 2016 and the games are starting to come out. Sony are doing a great job

Christopher2962d ago

***if Knack , Killzone (many forgot that these were quality games), Driveclub, R&C, Street Fighter 5 are nt enough for you (i dont refer to InSS because was indeed a mediocre game).***

I chuckle at this. Other than R&C, Second Son was probably the next best game from that whole lot. Yet, it gets called mediocre.

Goldby2961d ago


You're just looking at it from an exclusive part.
1st party is when the company that is making the game is owned by Sony (ie. Naughty Dog) 3rd party (Not 2nd) is when the company is either owned independantly or by another company that isn't Sony (ie. Insomniac) While Naughty Dog only makes sony games, Insomniac can make games for other consoles, last years Sunset Overdrive for example.

Hope that helps

DarthZoolu2961d ago

No man's sky is on PC I thought?

Crimzon2961d ago

Yeah, people list all these exclusives but most of them are on PC. When it comes to Sony's real first party lineup this year, it's stronger than other years at least but still pretty iffy. We've got Uncharted 4, Horizon and The Last Guardian. Three games isn't bad, I guess? The PS4's exclusive lineup has been weak to say the least however, since aside from Bloodborne (which truly is an excellent game) it's been total junk.

The article raises a valid point that is 100% factually correct. Sony have been butchering their worldwide studios and relying more and more on third party DLC content, and that's fact. It's disappointing to see because the exclusive lineup on the PS3 was absolutely stellar, but it seems that now Sony has a comfortable lead with the PS4, they're making the exact same mistakes that saw Microsoft squander their gigantic lead with the Xbox 360 during the last console generation.

Imalwaysright2961d ago


So true...Insomniac isn't a Sony studio and so isn't Fromsoftware. Ratchet and Bloodborne aren't Sony's 1st party games.

GameNameFame2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Lol. @Crimzon

Is that why Sony studio size actually grew? In numbers and sizes as many are now two team studios.

Naughty Dog
Bend Studio
San Diego Studio
Santa Monica Studio
Sucker Punch Productions
Japan Studio
Polyphony Digital
Guerrilla Games
London Studio
North West Studio
Media Molecule

As some people here wish to forget actual facts, Sony has been increasing first party and second party both. Sony also recently purchased multiple second party studios.

Some fans here I think are confusing MS's recent decision to close multiple studios and losing partnership with Bungie and Epic as Sony.

Looking at metacritic, PS4 beats Xbox One in exclusive quality and quantity. PS3 massacred Xbox 360 in exclusive as well. Remember the Xbox 360 draught because MS lacked studios? This gen MS has even less studios.

At this point, Sony's long commitment to exclusive is pretty obvious looking at studios and trackrecord both.

buttcheeks2961d ago

@ crimzon you just see what you want to huh? You left out dreams, gravity rush 2 , GT sport and mlb the show all first party games so you say they are spending all their money on third party dlc and yet they have more exclusives than any other platform and they already have more exclusives than the Xbox one THIS IS A FACT.........

2961d ago
fr0sty2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Imalwaysright is right... Lots of people here don't seem to be able to differentiate first party from second party exclusives. Sony does not own Insomniac or From Software, and no matter how many times you click that disagree button, it won't change that fact.

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OOMagnum2962d ago

Ive seen the last guardian used in these lists for literally 7 years.

thekhurg2962d ago

And yet, for the first time, we have confirmation that it's releasing in 2016. So despite the overuse in the past, it's 100% appropriate given the current circumstances.

strifeblade2962d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth. Like every Sony list has been including that have for the last 7 years. I mean hell I might as well start including gears of war 6 in lists of that's the case haha