Why Uncharted and Dark Souls Coming to an End is a Good Thing

As the Uncharted and Dark Souls franchises finish up this year with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Dark Souls 3, respectively, one Game Rant writer looks at why this a good thing.

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-Foxtrot1101d ago

I don't know about Uncharted but I don't what else you could do with Dark Souls

They are best making a spiritual successor like maybe one taking place in a Modern setting, Futuristic, Aztec, Nodic etc

darthv721101d ago

They can always create a spin off story for Uncharted. The main story line ends but there is still much more to be told / played.

Nitrowolf21101d ago

Wait did they actually say the souls series is ending??

I thought they said the dark fantasy setting of it is ending.

-Foxtrot1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Nah. Nathan Drake is Uncharted without him there's nothing. Only thing they can do is either

A Sully prequel game


An inter-sequel between Uncharted to Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3.

Liqu1d1100d ago

@Nitrowolf2 Miyazaki said that Dark Souls 3 is a turning point for the franchise, I don't think they've ever said it's the end.

mikeslemonade1100d ago

Dark Souls is still fresh to me. Uncharted needs to go.

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Eidolon1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Both franchises could still go on. Souls but not "Dark", Uncharted, but MAYBE not Nathan Drake's(although their could be prequels?). I don't get the disagrees, at this point, they would be spiritual successors since both ND and From Software said they're done with the Uncharted and "Dark" stories. And I remember reading an interview of ND saying they'd allow another developer to take on Uncharted if it's good enough.

Movefasta19931100d ago

my fav moments of uc3 was with little drake and younger sully. We can get more of that.

Fin_The_Human1100d ago

Has anyone ever stopped tobthink that maybe this is not the end of Uncharted...what if it's the end of Nathans story but someone else becomes the protagonist.

Could be made by another team other then ND.

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Kalebninja1101d ago

I can't believe the Souls series is over, it's so refreshing when a new one comes out......... I at least hope they'll continue making games with killer bosses.

DarkOcelet1100d ago

They could always make Bloodborne 2.

DarkOcelet1100d ago

I would definitely play Demon Souls 2. False King Allant all day long :3

Still my favorite fight in the Souls series.

Fin_The_Human1100d ago

The should make some RPG games based on some of the bosses that are in Dark Soul.

More like prequel games to get to know how they became what they are now.

Eonjay1101d ago

I love that they are ending these stories. I mean, who wants to play the same thing forever. Even more, who want to work on the same project forever. Now, we just need a Final Final Fantasy... and it needs to be good.

Nitrowolf21101d ago

It's a double-edged sword
On one side you have it releasing every year and it becomes stale and boring
Yet on the other one it ends and years later people are wanting another one like Jak and Daxter or spryo

ninsigma1100d ago

I think the 2nd scenario there is preferable. Working on a new project will keep the developers interested and motivated to innovate with the new challenges of a new game. Then as the years go by, people will miss your old stuff and you have something to fall back on in the future with a fresh look at it. That's a much better scenario than releasing the same stuff every year and it becomes stale, developers leave because they're sick of working on the same thing so talent is lost and fans get sick of the series. More devs need to know when to call it quits.

Herbalistic1101d ago

I'm fine with franchises coming to an end being as the studio is free to create new stuff


Wouldnt say its a massivly good thing but as for bloodborne 2 and last of us 2 its a good possibility for them to be made. Maybe even new ip's more so from naughty dog then from software, either way cant see what both have to offer in the end :)

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