Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has an Open World and It Changes Everything

OX writes: "The open-world City of Glass, rejigged combat and young Faith's new 'mag rope' grappling hook appear in these 10 minutes of gameplay footage from Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Fresh from a session with Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Johnny Chiodini from Eurogamer joins me to talk it out."

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Immorals1105d ago

So is it open world or not?

Not feeling this game at all.

SolidGear31105d ago

Maybe open areas like Uncharted 4 where you can choose your path and approach?

KyRo1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I pray to god it's not open world. No one but Rockstar does them right. 95% of developers just build a amazing looking area/city and fill it will collectables and boring fetch missions eg Fallout 4, MGSV, The Division etc just to say it takes '30 hours to complete our game'.

_-EDMIX-_1105d ago

You could actually still have an open world game that has the linear missions taking all of the first Mirror's Edge levels and putting them in an open world actually doesn't change what you do on those levels it merely changes how you approach it.

I would also highly disagree with you but stating that titles like Metal Gear Solid 5 or Fallout have used open with poorly I would say those are some of the greater examples of open-world being used to help the game's narrative immersion concepte etc.

Fallout open world allows for lots of exploration which is basically one of its highlight concepts of exploring such an open world, Metal Gear Solid 5 uses its open world to allow you to attack a base from any angle during night or day or even during different weather situations.

I don't really think you appreciate the time it took to craft better open world titles I love GTA as well and it's one of my all-time favorite series but I'm not going to disregard what other teams has done an open world because the reality is open world is not a damn genre....

Other teams can create open World Games in completely different genres and still be able to Captivate and immerse and convey their Concepts using the world they've made.

What you're stating about those games is merely your distaste for those games it's actually not saying anything about the concept of their open worlds you very much could hate a game based on what the game is and not necessarily based on its concept of its open world and vice-versa I've had games that I've genuinely liked but didn't like how they utilize the open-world I've had games that I hated it but enjoyed their concept of how they used their open world once again you're merely stating you do not like the game but the things you don't like barely have to do with the open-world as much as they have to do with you not liking the game itself.

The fact that you're disregarding Metal Gear Solid 5 use of its weather system and day and night cycle to affect the actual gameplay itself is telling me you're basically not really talking about the effects of the open-world on the player as much as you don't like the game....

The fact that you're not talking about the settlements that you can build in Fallout 4 literally shaping the world of the game is telling me you're again not talking about how the user is affecting the open world... I'm just saying you don't need to like the game but at least appreciate and respect the effort the developer has put in to make the open-world something unique, different and player intuitive.

Be specific, give examples and honestly open a dialogue about the concept of open world. Teams like Bethesda are Masters at crafting open worlds even more so than Rockstar you might think differently but I'm a fan of both teams and I could tell you right now Rockstar doesn't hold a candle to a team like Bethesda if you question that Rockstar has yet to have a game with the number of unique NPCs they've also yet to have a game that has those NPCs having homes, task the type of items available in the game etc.

Nobody doubts or disregards the amount of talent that Rockstar has not even for a single minute but the reality is if you added the concepts of bethesda's titles to GTA you make the greatest GTA ever made adding the ideals of GTA inside of bethesda's titles only just make them larger emptier worlds....

Rockstar does a great job at adding the illusion of Life Bethesda makes those concepts real.

BLow1105d ago

I was soooo surprised to find out this game is dropping next month. I didn't hear anything about it for awhile then boom. Found out it would be out in a couple of months and I was pretty excited as I thought that it would be a Fall title. Can't wait. This and Uncharted in the same month. O_o

I love me some Uncharted but I have to play this game. I don't know.Just the world and atmosphere just grabs me. AND THE