IGN: Fall Videogame Preview: Players Wanted

In IGN's fall videogame preview, they examine ten of the most promising releases over the next few months. They break down the starring players of each game and what players can expect from their latest appearance. Some of these heroes have been around for decades, while others are still establishing their own franchises. In either case, these are the characters IGN is most excited to see.

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TheHater3708d ago

WTF? Where is Sackboy? This list is lame

ngg123453707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

eh starwars unleashed, and that lotr trash are on that list. Two games that look like pure garbage. Don't mind that they didn't put sackboy (he is as much of a character as the monster truck is in motorstorm 2), my problem is that they ignored far cry 2, and nathan hale completely.

Dr Pepper3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

"From the very first moment Lord of the Rings unfolded across the screen, we wanted a videogame that could simulate the epic and bloody battles"

The video I watched wasn't that bloody or that epic, and it was showing the battle at the gates of mordor (which should have been huge, but there were hardly any people in the fight). I'm not impressed with that game so far.

AK463707d ago

A pretty crappy list besides gears 2.