Rumor: GTA 4 DLC Adds 15 Hours of Gameplay

The first of the two pieces of Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV will add approximately 15 hours of gameplay to the 360 version when it hits this November, according to an unconfirmed report from web comic RPG-TV.

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xhi43705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

forking out 50 friken million really wouldn't expect any less.

and after paying 50 mill dollars, It will be priced accordingly, somewhere near the price of a full game.


@below, yeah thinking about it they would be stupid to price it above an unreasonable price. Here in Australia they'll price it at 49.95 no doubt. But yeah 30 dollars sounds appropriate.

Blaze9293705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

MS isnt stupid, no one is gonna pay above maybe even $30 for this. It really isnt about how much money MS spent and hopes to get, but really they just wanted to secure DLC at any and all cost, which was $50 mil.

sack_boi3705d ago

Unless they release the DLC on DVD, I don't see how they could sell it for more than $30.

Jerkapotamus3705d ago

I wonder if the 15 hours is just like the original game was 100 hours. I bet it's 15 hours if you do absolutely everything and are a bit slow.

chaosatom3333705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

We just need to know if it's any good.

Is it the same mechanics? New weapons? Any innovation? new modes???

The really question is What could they have done in 6 months????

SCThor3705d ago

Xbox360 arcade gamers don't care about it, that's for sure..

chaosatom3333705d ago

Who here would buy gta dlc over gears2 ?????? no one.

PimpHandStrong3705d ago

anything over that and im not sure ppl will but it...ofcourse some will

anything under that and it will be a loss for MS

but if you think about it

the game itselfs was only 45-50 hours long!

so thats a nice little chunk of GTA there

I was bored of it and i think many other ppl feel the same way..

GTA4 9/10 in my book

MikeGdaGod3705d ago

the $50mil wasn't just for the dlc, it was for the 360 version to come out at the same time as the ps3 version AND the dlc.

Blaze9293705d ago

The $50 Mil was ONLY for the DLC. The two releases at the same time was completely R*'s or Take Two's decision

kwicksandz3705d ago

Most full retail games arent 15 hours these days. heres hoping its under $30

Willio3705d ago

Too bad the hype for GTA4 is over.

Megatron083704d ago

15 isnt bad as the whole game is 20-25 hours now if its actually fun and not boring like the rest of gta4 that be something.

I really like to know why everyone says MS paid 50 million dollars for this. I dare any to find a link of MS offically confirming they paid 50 million dollars for it.

Ridrick3704d ago

Or 2 hours of gameplay and 13 hours of pigeon hunt ???

Munky_Mafoo3704d ago

Its estimated to be 15 hours long because they've taken out the taxis, so no skipping to locations.....

lol j/k

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Arsenic133705d ago

So I wont believe a word.

TheColbertinator3705d ago

So if this 15 dollars,it would be 1 dollar for hour.So...

The Shivering Isles Expansion was 30 dollars and offered up a good 30-50 hours so I guess it seems fair.Hopefully they do something to keep people playing like add a business buying option.I have the 360 version and I stopped playing a week after it came out because it was so boring.

Blaze9293705d ago

R* needs to somehow release a huge update to fix online. Such a disappointment.

funkysolo3705d ago

I still don't' get how GTA got those high reviews. It's the most repetitive game ever. I enjoyed some of the cutscenes but it was the same, drive to a an area and then a car chase. GTA missions were so cheesy. There was no creativity on how to go about completing a mission. I rather sell my copy and get another game than to want another 15 hours of that crap

Bubble Buddy3705d ago

R* Should've followed Naughty Dog's footsteps for making missions like in Jak 2/3. If anyone has ever play those two amazing games, they would know that one mission you can be on a turret killing huge Metalheads and another mission, you can be making deliveries, the the next you can be driving getting artifacts and another you can have some platforming game play. If GTA4's missions were like that, the game would've been much much more fun.

Lew_Ijgee3705d ago

In other words, like San Andreas.

That game contained much a greater variety of gameplay than GTA:IV and more sandbox fun to boot.

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dantheman683705d ago

I have the PS3 version, so I am obviously not getting this. But 15 more hours of driving roman to strip clubs and back home again on top of all those other soccer mom missions would make me want to throw up.

IzKyD13313705d ago

hmmmm, a new mini campaign I suppose.....this is just something we'll have to wait and see to find (I still think it would have been smarter for MS to put the money into a new project)

chaosatom3333705d ago

I don't how anybody can get excited, unless it was FREE.

SpecialSauce3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

i couldn't even finish 7 hours!!! honestly look how stupid MS really is. i bet Sony executives were laughing when they heard how much MS paid. no wonder MS lost billions over the original xbox.

@ below

actually Sony is currently making more money on the PS consoles then MS is on theirs!!! saying i pay and get less. really? i don't pay a damn penny for online and i get free apps like home not to mention i get dedicated servers. owning a 360 causes u to pay more in the long run. MUCH MORE. including online fees and the added hardware u need or want like wireless connector. and PS2 generate @ss loads of profit. MS DID IN FACT LOSE MONEY on the original xbox. and i do in fact see why they bought exclusive material, however it wasn't wise to spend soooooooooo much for a game not to many people will be playing when it comes out. plus they could have spent it on a new game.

Eiffel3704d ago

SpecialSauce you lack the ability to see why Microsoft bought exclusive material funny how you pay more for your system yet get less, that says a lot about Sony. and Microsoft did not lose billions on the orignal xbox PS2 only beat it by a small margin the real loser in the second gen years was the gamecube. and currently sony has lost more on the PS3 than they earned with the PS2. 360 has lost less than expected due to mass product sales and price drops.

Mikey Mike3704d ago

PS2 beat every one into the ground, and to this date still does. XBOX came out and within three years they release another one when it was finally selling.

Eiffel3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I meant just within that time period not exceeding it, Sure the PS2 is still selling, without a doubt. But I was merely stating on which was first 1st, 2nd, 3rd in rank. I would really not want my comment to become belittled just because of a miswrite.

@ SS, Really I don't see much exclusive material for the PS3 titles, could be because sony is not willing to give enough cash in order to give its users the benefit over the 360. and I don't mind paying money for the "better" online service I make $20 an hour as a graphic artist, and $20 gets me 3 months of online. So paying for online play really does not phase me one bit.

Look at it this way
PSN= Free but has less Subscribers.
XBL= Pay but has twice as many as the PSN.

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