4 classic Bandai Namco arcade titles arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC real soon

Neil writes "Bandai Namco have today announced that four of the most classic of arcade games will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this month."

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LastcenuryRob968d ago

fantastic games, but I already have more than a few version on other formats and consoles. If they want me to buy these again it better not be more than .99 cents each and all four for $2.99. Otherwise I will pass and just play them when I do some retro gaming on older platforms.

Drithe968d ago

I bought the namco collection for the ps3. You can bet they will add trophies and scores online and only charge you 5.99 for these 35 year old games! yaaaaay!

Retroman968d ago

lol, no need to buy em again , if you have them as a namco ps3 collection .

Venox2008968d ago

I wish they released Galaga legions dx on pc and ps4 and xone