1up:Tales of Vesperia Review

Andrew Fitch writes "Long after we forget the details, we remember the feelings certain games of our youth evoked. Though it's difficult to put into words, Tales of Vesperia (the latest entry in Namco Bandai's long-running action-role-playing franchise) manages to recapture -- even if only for fleeting moments -- some of those elusive intangibles that led to lost RPG weekends on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1. It's not some complex, inscrutable formula we're talking about here, either -- just fun, fast-paced combat; a charming, likable cast; a colorful, inviting world that begs exploration; and quick, seamless pacing that's always got you on the move and tackling something fresh. Vesperia feels like what Tales of the Abyss, the previous franchise entry on PS2, was always meant to be"

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RPG Guy3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

By the way, second B+ score to my knowledge for 360 JRPG exclusives from 1up including the great Lost Odyssey. I can only hope White Knight Chronicles helps Sony to catch up with the times.

Great Review and looking forward to moving on with this, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant and Star Ocean before hopefully jumping on board the Sony ship with FFXIII, vsXIII, WKC and Free Realms.

TheColbertinator3705d ago

I think PS3 fans expect JRPGs on the 360 to fail in terms of sales.Reviews on the other hand will look good for any Tales game or Star Ocean game but there is a stigma which believes 360 fans will not care for JRPGs at all.

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey did both sell over 500,000 copies but maybe it was only because neither the 360 and PS3 have any AAA JRPGs yet.After Star Ocean IV comes out,maybe we will see

pwnsause3705d ago

no one has been saying all 360 RPGs fail, except for Too Human, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. were RPGs fail is in Japan, why? because these games are supposed to change the bad situation the the Xbox 360 is in Japan in terms of sales, but it doesnt.

Lucreto3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Very few people say 360 JRPGs will fail they are just referring to the low sales they often receive. For example Eternal Sonata sold 250,000 and the highest was LO with 750,000. It is assumed that everything on the 360 will sell massively well "1 million+"

I have been fanboyish over this type of topic since the FFXIII announcement but I have calmed down and I wish to take this opportunity to apolizises and to apologize to Lachance for my attempt in insult him a while back.

@ funkysolo That does seem to be the case. I think he wants the braging rights more than the game. I know a few after the FFXIII announcement saying the same thing but when the dust settled they were not interested at all with the game.

funkysolo3705d ago

Or do you just go around looking at scores to brag. If you are not buying this game and are just here to brag about a score than that's the stupidest thing on the internet. I like to read reviews about a game and then make up my mind to buy it or rent it. It seems like you only care to annoy PS3 owners when you have no desire to buy this game. It's a shame about people like you and welcome to my ignore list. If I'm not interested in a game, why would I care what score it got?

Harry1903705d ago

This is a 'Tales' game for god's sake. A freaking Tales game. Have you played Tales games before?

You can't compare Tales games to other powerhouse jrpgs. Never do that. It's nice entertainment while waiting for the big guys.

RPG Guy3705d ago

I AM buying this game. Imagine that, I'm not just some bragging 360 fan. I am also buying Eternal Sonata/Valkyria Chronicles later this year on my PS3. No fanboy in me bud.

Homicide3705d ago

I agree with harry. The tale games are alright, but they're not really OMG amazing. This game should keep you entertained for a while until Infinite Undiscovery comes out.

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Omega43705d ago

Another great RPG for the 360, the new RPG King for both WRPGs and JRPGs

TheColbertinator3705d ago

I agree.The 360 is looking like a good option for RPGs.But I would'nt call it the king because there has'nt been a true exclusive AAA JRPG on the 360 yet.

Lucreto3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

It is too early to announce the 360 the king of RPGs we really need to wait until at least the end of 2010. It is simply too early to tell. For all we know TGS could have lots of unannounced RPGs for the PS3.

It has taken a while for RPG's to appear and the end of 2010 the two sides will have something to show. I admit the 360 has more RPGs but it is unfair to count out the PS3 yet is all I am saying.

When should we decide who is the RPG king? Certainly not now. It be like investing in Enron stock and then watch it go bankrupt months later. We need time to see how it pans out.

JasonXE3705d ago

hell no, 2010? Will be talking about the next xbox. 360 = king rpg.

KillaManiac3705d ago


You could be like me,

Buy Disgaea 3 for your PS3 tomorrow.
Then Tales of Vesperia the very next day!

Multi Console Owner FTW! (except Wii...its gay as Micheal Jackson).

badz1493705d ago

you insisted in saying that 360=RPG King but then said comes 2010, we'll talk about the next xbox. that's contradicting! if 360 is indeed the RPG king, then it needs to proof that it is a KING! or people will see that the RPGs on 360 are just a temporary tactic of M$ to sway sales in it's favour because it's a trend! M$ needs more than BD, LO, Tales and even FFXIII to become KING! it's about quantity! do you know why PS2 was/is the RPG king? not because it only has quality RPGs but it has lots of them! btw, what kind of king runs away like what you said? once you have what, around 10? then run away and go to the next xbox? that's not a king, that's a loser!

kewlkat0073705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

waiting for some tru AAA JRPG is ludacris...

How many decent JRPGs have sold over 1 million on all the consoles this gen? We know the DS push lots of JRPG's in Japan and unless its FF or maybe DQ not many JRPGS sell very well. Even some really good JRPG's that was on the PS2 hardly sell as well, as you would think.

Those with AAA honors(90+) and great sales:
---Final Fantasy X/12(Square Enix)

Have sold more than a million(below 90)
---Dragon Quest VIII(Square Enix again)

---Kingdom Hearts series(opps look it's Square Enix)

Well you get the drift....

We hold FF serious and Square Enix with such high regards, every other Jrpg lies just in the shadow and seen as decent. Think about it, how many true JRPGs sell like Final Fantasy numbers world-wide? You do have your niche JRPGS as well, that will sell hot out the gates but still struggle to reach 1 million.

So what is really a true AAA JRPG title? Even with great scores some still don't sell as well, regardless. Every JRPG will always be in the shadow of Square Enix, being the standard and looking at the past it doesn't always equate to great sales. So Lost Odyssey selling 700K+ is actually good.

I didn't like FF12 and liked FFX a lot more but FF12 is suppose to be AAA. Being that it's Square Enix , I don't think it matters. You'll never see FF score below 90. People seem to think PS3 is gonna come out with boatsload of JRPGS and they gonna sell like hotcakes....Look at History. I've enjoyed most 360 JRPGs becasue that's what I play.

AAACE53705d ago

It seems hard to believe, but I think you are right!

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TheColbertinator3705d ago

Yay! My story got approved.

Take that Bloodmask!

NewSchoolGamer3705d ago

Yes, but while the xbox360 has average Jrpgs and this game is its best game which is just a B+ the PS3 will soon have WKC and final fantasy versus 13.

I don't see why it is the king in JRPGS when it hasn't had an AAA JRPG yet I think.

AAACE53705d ago

The almighty Ps2 tells us, it doesn't matter hom many AAA rpg's you have... but how many rpg's you have!

More games (good ones or bad ones), is the key to success! You should know's part of the ps2's reason for it's huge sales!

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