EA and Take-Two Enter Confidential Talks About Merger

The saga never ends. Today, Electronic Arts and Take-Two entered into a confidentiality agreement after engaging in private talks with each other discussing a possible Electronic Arts takeover of Take-Two.

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PoSTedUP3705d ago

its just bizzniss talk, patcher is a dummy. take two not gunna go though with it. GTA4 made them too much money, they dont need EA's offerings for right now. (i have more common sense than patcher) : P

dannyhinote_133705d ago

It's going to happen. Just a matter of time.

bluecapone3705d ago

EA will soon own T2 this will be great news for us gamers

mcgrawgamer3705d ago

I'm thinking more of a partnership but EA will make this happen just to combat Acti-Blizz.