Naughty Dog plays Uncharted 4: Madagascar Preview | Twitch

Naughty Dog:

We will play through parts of the Uncharted 4 Madagascar hands-on preview sequence with Naughty Dog Game Designers James Cooper, Nicholas Lance, and Zied Rieke.

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littlezizu1188d ago

You can turn off the enemy indicator and automatically turned off in higher difficulties.
Hopefully people would stop complaining about that now.

Aloy-Boyfriend1188d ago

Are there people complaining about that? Really?

littlezizu1187d ago

People were nitpicking these small addition in twitter. Even colin(kinda funny) was pretty bad such thing was their.

Genuine-User1188d ago

I didn't know you could pull off a rope swing while driving!

G20WLY1188d ago

Haha! OMG that's amazing! This game is just looking better and better the more I see it. :^)

Genuine-User1188d ago

It's full of contextual elements. The animations and their transitions are remarkable.

G20WLY1188d ago

The 'stealth grass' is looking like a great addition to the game's mechanics. I can already foresee multiple play throughs with one being the ultimate stealth run!

Imalwaysright1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Played TloU campaign 3 times. First time it was full on stealth and when I finished it, I told myself that I would play it again and take a more "actiony" route but stealth! 3rd time's the charm I thought... stealth!

In short, I love the fact that ND implemented stealth in this Uncharted much better than its predecessors.

jb2271187d ago

If all of the dialogue choices (however many there may be) offer 3 options, it will give me a good reason to play 3 times off the bat myself.

First time I will play by whatever pace I'm driven to, second time I'll really search for everything I can find, & by my third playthrough there should be enough decent walkthroughs out so I can 100% every collectible.

I've waited 5 years for this game, I might as well get as many playthroughs as possible in. Absolutely can't wait for it.

IWentBrokeForGaming1188d ago

All the details of physics/animations from the different height levels drake falls/stumbles from, to the jeep, to the mud, and the water, etc...

The way the mud randomly cakes into the jeep or parts cause of your tires (moto storm)...

Also the bright sunny graphics help prove they aren't hiding half assed textures in the dark, etc...

This game is the true beast of 2016

Imalwaysright1188d ago

Looks better than its predecessors in every way and I'm not talking about graphics. The variety in gameplay and the open world feel makes this the ultimate Uncharted.

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