5 Announcements That Would Win E3 2016 For Sony

ThisGenGaming says "E3 2016 is fast approaching and this year’s show aims to bring lots of surprises for gamers. The weeks leading up to it are usually slow as the developers and publishers try to save all of their biggest announcements for E3. I thought it would be interesting to take some guesses as to what Sony could announce at E3 this year to claim yet another victory there. It will be hard if not impossible to top what they did last year when they announced Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and showed the long absent The Last Guardian. Here are our 5 predictions for announcements Sony can make to win E3 2016."

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Garethvk1788d ago

I am always hesitant to say anyone "won" a convention as after covering them for a long time, I have seen games and tech that looks amazing but it utter garbage when it is released. The same holds true in that I have seen games that did not look worth a second glance become stunning when released. That being said, this article sums it up well but I have to wonder if PlayStation 4.5 if it does exist and PS VR will be a huge focal point.

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Eonjay1788d ago

I'm really looking for surprises. Everything I want is either here, dated or announced. Surprise me.

ArchangelMike1787d ago

Here's a surprise for you.
The Last Guardian.
Release Date: November 2016
VR Compatible.


Pancit_Canton1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

- Crash Bandicoot Remake
- Jak and Daxter Remake or IV
- Wild Arms Remake
- Legend Of Dragoon Remake or II
- God Of War IV
- New Naughty Dog IP

Antnee5341788d ago

I really want a jak and Daxter reimangining just like we got with ratchet and clank and the legend of dragoon is also top of my list

Exvalos1788d ago

1, God of War trailer. 2,no man's sky vr 3, last of us 2. 4, awesome new ip 5, sick features for vr

RAM0N 1788d ago

New ip
New ip
New ip
New ip and
New ip

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The story is too old to be commented.