IGN: Infinite Undiscovery: Battle System Discovered

Square Enix is gaming's preeminent Japanese RPG developer/publisher. Steeped in decades of tradition, Square Enix has made a push in the past few years to modernize its combat systems, drastically altering its turn-based combat and in some instances embracing a real-time combat system. Infinite Undiscovery, from developer tri-Ace, brings gamers full real-time combat.

IGN spoke with Hiroshi Ogawa, Director at tri-Ace to get the low-down on how Infinite Undiscovery's combat works and to understand why the developer chose to create a system quite different from Star Ocean's.

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theKiller3709d ago

i must say the gameplay looks cool but its destined to flop in sales because of being exclusive on 360!!

bravo SE

RPG Guy3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Blue Dragon 500,000 worldwide as exclusive RPGs done by an unproven developer with a staff that brought a great following that was beginning to fade in the eyes of the hardcore RPG crowd.

It's not like Tri-Ace busts out Final Fantasy selling RPGs everyday. Star Ocean Till the End of Time (my favorite PS2 RPG) sold only 1.29 million worldwide on the all mighty 140 million install base PS2. Considering Lost Odyssey performance, what makes you think that Infinite Undiscovery can't meet those figures? I say they can.

RPG Guy3709d ago

Looking forward to this come September 2.

kewlkat0073709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

..Can't wait...

Though I'm somewhat old-school RPG gamer..

I luv JRPG's so luving the Xbox 360 right now..

RPG Guy3709d ago

360 is where it's at these days. Hopefully Sony brings the goods next year, more than just WKC (though I'm looking forward to that game!)

TheColbertinator3709d ago

I hope this one turns out good.But I am more interested in that Star Ocean 4 game.Last Remnant on the other hand will probably suck because the guys who are making that game are the guys who made Drakengard.

RPG Guy3709d ago

I know the developer's past, but the title is something totally new and is very appealing. I can only hope that it lives up to the hype.