Gears of War 4 Devs on Making Multiplayer Matter, Not Taking Story Too Seriously | Gamespot

It may surprise you to learn that Gears of War's multiplayer mode was "tacked on" in the final stretch of its development. And on top of that, the slip-and-slide shotgunning that now defines its gameplay experience was not how developer Epic Games wanted it to be played. Its success wasn't expected and what resonated wasn't by design.

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OoglyBoogly1286d ago

Oh yeah, who cares about the story? Oh wait...

TheCommentator1286d ago

More like who cares about reading the article? If you'd bothered to read the artcle, you would have understood the context of "not taking story too seriously." It was very interesting to read about all of the influences guiding the production of Gears 4, and to see how the series evolved over time to become what it is today. You should really read it.