Reeves on Home: "I can look you in the eyes and tell you everything is on track"

VG247: Despite a complete no-show for Home in the Sony press conference at Games Convention last week, SCEE president David Reeves has moved to assure punters that the social app's development is completely on track, and that its open beta will begin this autumn as planned.

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MaximusPrime3758d ago

yep, as a beta trialist, it looks promising and yep seems to be rite on track.

(most of it are confidential ;) )

whoelse3758d ago

The extra time they have had via the delays appears to have improve Home a lot, especially the visuals. I can't wait to play with HOME!

solidsnakus3758d ago

@ 1.1 true.
on track for what? home open beta still has no release date other than FALL 08. and this was suppost to be out august 07 just so you know, this craap has been delayed over a year now.

TheHater3758d ago

If home isn't release this year, we start a riot until he is fired.

MaximusPrime3758d ago

nobody's perfect, we all make mistake. Finger-crossed home is not like that.

solidsnakus3757d ago

its already is. august 07 release date says hi.

themyk3757d ago

yeah we know. we get it. we hear you. whats your point?

i seriously doubt that this many people would be saying it's gonna come out this fall if it wasn't. and a full blown home before the end of the year if it wasn't so don't sit around being a stormy cloud man. your raining on our parade.

solidsnakus3757d ago

well come on people. am i the only one thats hard on slackers here? you guys act like nothing ever happened and this game hasnt been delayed over 4 times spanning across a year.

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Cajun Chicken3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

More seriously, hearing the statements that if we don't have a free accessible DL movie service in the EU...we can use Bittorent or the other statement about having Europe wait until things are ironed out properly makes me just not believe words coming out this guy over anyone else involved in SCE.

Why the disagree? I just don't like the attitude and stupid quotes from this guy in SCE...I seriously DO believe Home is coming out soon and least of all, since the Home team has mentioned its almost ready; I just don't trust a word out of David Reeves from the press mouth in recent times, he's a truly horrible rep for PR for SCE in the EU.

blackbeld3758d ago

My friend have a little faith in PS3 ok. u already know the quotes.... DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PLAYSTATION. PS3 HOME will arrive soon this year with or before christmas. enjoy you're new virtual home and for free.

Brixxer6003758d ago

It's not that he's losing faith in PS3, it's more than likely that as a European he's used to being treated pretty poorly by them. (Sony Europe)

juuken3758d ago

I understand where Chicken's coming from. Sony Europe needs to get their freakin' act together.

Cajun Chicken3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I live in the UK, adore my PS3 more than my 360 and the quotes that Mr Reeves has come out with in the recent past are words of an true idiot.
Anyone else SCE yes. but David Reeves has no idea how to talk responsibly to the press without causing pointless controversy.

Things are getting much better relating to simultaneous game releases and PSN games and features.
So I guess he must be doing his job but he has NO idea how to keep his mouth shut to the press about certain things and gives people dumb answers back to things that people never even originally asked about.

Bubbles to Brixxer600 and juuken!

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TheColbertinator3758d ago

I hope SEGA gets a HOME space for us.IF not,we are going to be HOMEless yet again.

Surfman3758d ago

youre getting on our nerves

LeonSKennedy4Life3758d ago

So, despite the fact that SEGA no longer knows how to make a good're supporting them? They're creativity died with Sonic. Even Sonic Adventure isn't that great. The writing in old Super Nintendo games was better than that thing. SEGA is dead. That's like people supporting Rare...even though they SUCK now.

Drekken3758d ago

I think Surfman speaks for all of us.

pwnsause3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Sonic Died when the Dreamcast died. and yes, i believe sega is listed to make a Home space when home launches.

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unrealgamer583758d ago

@steven colbert no i dont want sonic and tails as my neighbors

TheColbertinator3758d ago

Why not?Would you prefer Master Chief?

LeonSKennedy4Life3758d ago

He's a Resistance fan. Obviously, he prefers quality shooters.

I think having Nathan Hale, Kratos, Dante, or Sackboy as my neighbor would be AMAZING!

XXXCouture3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

i wouldn't be neighbor, to someone who kill innocents to get health orbs

kazuma3758d ago

sonic at least saved the imprisioned animals everywhere he went

themyk3757d ago

don't forget he was really fast as well.

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