New Killzone 2 Screenshots

Kotaku: "Everyday I mark the calender because it is one day closer to the release of the this game. Until then we got some more Killzone 2 screenshots from Leipzig. Also if you didn't get a chance, check out the multiplayer trailer Luke posted a few days ago."

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TheHater3733d ago

ok, who kidnapped the writes of Kotaku, and replace them with open minded writers?

360degrees3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

the fact of the matter is that I can probably count on one hand the amount of "Hyped" games that have fully delivered on their promises (both gaming wise and it terms of its reviews)...And since all we really have to base this game off of is its prior iteration of Killzone 1 (mediocre reviews, and lacking in many areas), it doesnt give much confidence that it can deliver even close to gamers hopes........or to put it simply Graphics do not always = A Great Game, it needs to have more than a pretty face to be a GREAT Game

Max Power3733d ago

halo 3 isn't on your hand, if it is then you have no cred.

Barreldragon003733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Ya we can judge the game based on the first one... or how about all the Previews on THIS game saying how much they love the MP and campaign.

Dark General3733d ago

You don't just have KZ1 to base your judgment on. There's been quite a bit of footage released on Killzone 2 that you can judge as a standalone title like i have. I myself have never played or for that matter heard of Killzone until last years E3.

Figboy3733d ago

i have the first Killzone, and it's actually not half bad, and i'm enjoying it. it's not so much mediocre in design and atmosphere, but it's execution was beyond what the PS2 could do at the time of Killzone's release.

also, Killzone: Liberation on the PSP is GREAT.

Guerrilla Games took to heart the criticisms they received from Killzone, and rectified them in the PSP game.

can a developer not GROW and LEARN with experience, just like most people?

as for Killzone 2, if you've bothered to follow the progress of the title (and judging by your avatar and screen name, i'm gonna take a wildly speculative, but probably spot on, guess, and say, "no, you haven't), you'd hear many a preview state that the game is NOTHING like the original, and in fact, improves upon EVERY facet that was complained about in the first game, from controls, to atmosphere, to animations, to the intensity of the firefights. it's not just the standard graphical upgrade that you come to expect.

people love to throw out Killzone when talking about KZ2, and throw out the infamous target render of yore, and completely ignore the PSP iteration, and the fact that this one is NOT it's predecessors.

i mean, do you judge a game like Devil May Cry 3 and 4 based off of Devil May Cry 2 and the mediocrity that that title was? do you judge Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, off of the disappointment that most people felt with MGS2?

a franchise can IMPROVE, in the same way that it can either stagnate (ie, the old Tomb Raiders before Legend), or remain relatively unchanged during it's run (ie, Halo 3).

from what i've seen and read of Killzone 2's single player and multi-player, i can't help but be impressed by how far they've come as a developer.

and when you factor in the fact that they've been receiving tips from the God of War team at Sony Santa Monica, Insomniac, and Naughty Dog concerning the development of the game, how can you still have doubts about it's quality?

hype is completely irrelevant to the quality of a gaming product (see, Lair, Too Human, GTAIV, MGS4, etc). some games are hyped and fail (ie, Lair, Too Human). some games are hyped and meet, or exceed that hype (ie, GTAIV, MGS4). hype is a concoction of the gaming media, the consumers that buy into said hype, and many an overzealous designer (ie, Peter Molyneux and his Fable 1 stuff, and Dennis Dyack and his Too Human stuff. Guerrilla Games never dubbed the original Killzone as a Halo killer; it was the Official Playstation Magazine that stated that on it's cover; i HAVE that issue).

it's funny how you say that graphics don't make a great game, but some of the most revered gaming series of all time were praised for their incredible graphics AND their great gameplay.

Super Mario Bros 1-3 and World
Legend of Zelda
Castlevania: SOTN
Resident Evil 4
God of War
Gears of War
Devil May Cry
Prince of Persia
Half Life 1&2

however, the tried and true "graphics over gameplay" statement is always whipped out and twisted to dismiss ANYTHING that looks even remotely pretty, but i guarantee that if Killzone 2 played like a fricking "lucid dream," yet had visuals right out of the Playstation 1 era, it would have been trashed.

i guarantee that if Gears of War played like Killswitch (which is DOES), and looked like Killswitch (which is DOESN'T), it wouldn't have been praised nearly as much as it is.

ALL gamers are graphics whores, no matter what they say. yes, they appreciate excellent gameplay, we ALL do. but it doesn't hurt when we get the visuals too.

would pretty graphics have made Super Mario Galaxy a better game? no. it would have added a nice visual touch, with maybe more depth to the environments and what not, but the game would have still been excellent.

but i GUARAN-FRIGGING-TEE that Wii fans wouldn't have complained ONE BIT if it had the visual prowess of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

there's nothing wrong with liking beautiful visuals, but there is certainly something wrong with dismissing a game outright simply because it has some pretty graphics, especially when people were so quick to point out how gorgeous Resident Evil 4 was on the Gamecube, and snort derisively when it was announced for the PS2 not much later, and the visuals had to be tweaked for the PS2, and it didn't look 100% like the GC version (i've played both, and the differences aren't that major, but they are certainly there).

Killzone 2 is looking to be as fun to play as it is beautiful to look at. hype or no hype, the game is coming along very, VERY well.

vdesai3732d ago

I guess it also works backwards then, since Halo 3 sucked all the halo games must suck, right?

(Not my opinion at all 1 was the best though.)

pwnsause3732d ago

You get bubbles for today.

Figboy3732d ago

thanks! i appreciate it (especially you bothering to read my entire comment)!

bubbles back at you.

fanboi hater3732d ago

nicely formulated response to a more than likely biased fanboi

bubbles up

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CViper3733d ago

meh.. Although.. I could be wrong about kotaku.. but only time will tell.

CrippleH3733d ago

Still lot of haters reading Kotaku.

Reading a lot of "Too Brown" comments. Talk about too high of a standard or just being a douche.

TheExecutive3733d ago

yeah what a bunch of idiots.

HuntTheWumpus3732d ago

I think that stemmed from a lot of the "Greys of War" comments on Gears. It was awful then but now it's OK for KZ2. A bit hypocritical but that is fanboys/haters for you.

I think a lot of them haters are getting disappointed because KZ2 is AAAAAAAAAAAAAA in the graphics dept. and were hoping to base their bashing on the features and gameplay. The more I read previews of it sounds like they are nailing the features and gameplay as well. Shaping up to be a AAA title all the way around.

This will be the reason I pick up a PS3 (and MGS4 which is a first day buy).

System seller in my case.

spandexxking3732d ago

i think cod4 has a very dull greyish colour to it but it didnt stop that from being a great game.

mfwahwah3732d ago

I don't mind if the color pallete is a bit lacking, if and ONLY if it matches the atmosphere and scenes. KZ2. It's based on a bleak, harsh planet full of pissed off, depressive, Nazi-lookin' Helghast.

Would pink, yellow, purple, teal, etc really fit in? Certainly not.

If a game like Ratchet and Clank was a gray-fest though, then yes, I'd complain; but KZ2 looks perfect how it is.

There may even be some colorful areas we don't know about yet (not *too* colorful obviously).

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Sillyace923733d ago

Why does everyone hate on Kotaku?

TheExecutive3733d ago

meh, i dont have any hate for kotaku but I know why others do:

They hate kotaku because for the first 1.5 years of the ps3 that site bashed the console consistantly. this is what happens when you publish too many stories bashing a console.

TheExecutive3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Look at the bloody stump of a leftover body. Oh yeah and the graphics are so very incredible. Oh and this is the multiplayer folks. This game is going to be incredible. The mp sounds amazing:

badge switching
the graphics
massive clans
massive tournaments
32 players
4 player ingame squads with the possibility of private voice chat
12 different ranks
a lot of medals to earn
trophies for online competition
unlockables in online

oh yeah and here are a few screens:

Edit: ok, what the hell... i cant upload screenshots?

mfwahwah3732d ago

Don't forget we're getting co-op and vehicles in MP soon after release (I'm betting on a free release - don't judge GG DLC on other DLC, except Criterion :D).

Tacki3732d ago

Attaching screenshots on here is weird. In order for it to work for me usually I have to post... then edit my comment and put in the url and make sure I'm in the little attach box when I click enter. Otherwise it almost never works. And on top of that it doesn't allow me to upload pics from my 'puter. I have to get them hosted first. Very odd. I'm sure that doesn't help alot... but you probably have the same problem as me.

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