Head start: the Xbox 360 and the next generation

It would make sense for Microsoft to be on the defensive. The Xbox 360 is about a year old, so the company isn't going into the holiday season with the buzz that Sony and Nintendo are enjoying. But having that long of a head start also carries with it some advantages: hardware will be plentiful on store shelves, and Microsoft had all that time to hone the online and UI experiences with the 360. At this stage, the console is a mature product just hitting its stride, a nice position to be in given what both the Wii and the PS3 are going through.

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Evoluti0n5249d ago

That's a pretty good read.

CAPS LOCK5249d ago

i really don't understand why so many people think the ps3 will fail because of a bad start, the ps2 and ps1 didn't start too well and they still dominated. ps1 had 705,000 units sold in its fist year, in it second year it sold 2,325,000 units and in its third year it sold 6,165,500. so the ps1 started really slow then it sold alot.

but the ps2 sold 7,279,000 in its first year, 9,897,500 in its second year and 9,221,500 in its third year.

the ps3 sold 1.31m in its first month so i think that is great for a sony console, so expect the sales to pick up.

power of Green 5249d ago

I'v seen a movie by movie frame by frame comparisons of Blu-ray in PS3 and 360 HD-dvd and HD-DVD clearly was the winner with more realalistic colors and more detail. Don't bash me all i have to do is post the link so theres no point it has been posted the other day.

THE TRUTH5249d ago

get informed people 1.31 PS3 sold after the manufacturing problems is pretty good

and 3.83m Wii's sold in 5 weeks is amazing

momentum isn't on MS's side

MicroGamer5249d ago

but Sony still comes up short. Unless a PS3 game is made exclusively for 1080p, you won't see it in 1080p. When playing movies, unless you have a 1080i or 1080p TV, you're stuck watching in 480p. What is the point to paying more for a Blu Ray movie, if you have to watch it in 480p?? You may as well just buy the movie in the cheaper DVD format if you have a 720p TV or get a cheap, upconverting DVD player. Blu Ray movie playback means nothing on the PS3 without a 1080i/p TV and that is going to hinder the adoption of Blu Ray since if you want to watch Blu Ray movies in 720p, then you have to get an expensive, dedicated Blu Ray player with a scaling chip inside. So Sony is basically telling 720p owners, spend $500-$600 for a PS3 now, buy lots of Blu Ray movies, and then when you're tired of watching them in 480p, go out and spend another $1000 on one of our Blu Ray players with a scaler. Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me.

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