Games Give Free Rein to the Douchebag Within

Wired writes, "I really want to nuke Athens. I know it's possible. Hell, I've watched and rewatched the YouTube videos of the 14-year-olds who've done it in Sid Meier's new game, Civilization Revolution. The guttural roar of the ICBM taking off, the flare of the missile as it arcs slowly across the sky, the terrifying rumble in your Xbox 360 controller as the nuke pulverizes the target: It's awesome. I can't sleep until I've rained that sort of death on the world."

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Pebz3758d ago

Exploring alternate personalities, in games or otherwise, is mostly a good thing. Doing it too an extreme, getting stuck within said personalities, however, can be bad.

I'd say hardcore fanboys suffer a bit of the latter, where their alternate personalities of "loyalists", in the corporations' fictional propaganda wars, are taking over. Hating fellow gamers because they happen to be on the "wrong side", is a ultimately a game, one that creates nothing positive for anyone involved.

I realize some of this might be a bit off-topic from the actual article, but it is relevant to N4G, which can otherwise be a great source of gaming news, and opinions about said news, if allowed to.