HTC Vive Cinematic Mode with PS4

With Firmware 3.5 Sony gave us Remote Play with PC. so what happens when you Remote Play to a PC with HTC's Vive?

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nowitzki20041013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Im leaning more towards the Vive. Still going to wait for Oculus to give us their price for VR controllers.

Cant wait to see all the VR games at E3. We will be attending E3 in VR soon guys.

TFJWM1013d ago

No reason to go with Oculus now that their exclusives are playable on the ViVe. With the room tracking I am not sure how it is going to go ViVe to Oculus for exclusives

ooquis1013d ago

PSVR compatible with PC.....That would be interesting.

nowitzki20041013d ago

I cant see it not working on PC. Every Sony hardware has worked with PC, and if it didnt with certain software then there was a way to make it work.