Wizards of the Coast Declares Gleemax Site a Critical Failure

Slashdot writes: "In a recent blog post, Wizards of the Coast's Vice President of Digital Gaming, Randy Buehler announced that they were killing their Gleemax social networking site. Originally designed to create a central hub where gamers could meet, discuss, and play games online it has thus far been unable to deliver on the grandiose promises made at launch.

"The mistake that I made, however, was in trying to push us too far too fast. I still think the vision for Gleemax is awesome: creating a place on the web where hobby gamers (or lifestyle gamers or thinking gamers, or whatever you want to call us) can gather to talk about games, play games, and find people to play games with. But I've come to realize that the vision was too ambitious. We've made progress down about ten different paths over the past eighteen months, but we haven't been able to reach the end of any of them yet."

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