Future Star Wars Battlefront Updates Detailed

ThisGenGaming says "EA and DICE shared some news today regarding what is coming up next in the near future for Star Wars Battlefront. In the next couple of months they will add the following free content to the game"

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Scrivlar1788d ago

Hmm....Great that Lando is coming, don't know who the hell Dengar is, if they were going to use another random bounty hunter I think Bossk would have been a better choice. If there are only two more heroes coming though that must mean at least one of either Yoda, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan are not going to be in it and that's a damn shame! Especially since one of them has been left out for Nien Nunb!? Jeezo!

Skate-AK1788d ago

They said nothing from the prequels will be in the game so I don't see Obi Wan coming

Scrivlar1788d ago

.........What? I meant the Alex Guinness Obi-Wan of course ha

Skate-AK1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Lol. I will claim my ignorance on this one. I have only seen the first three episodes so I didn't know he was in the other ones. No idea why I thought he died in Episode 1. I like the universe but don't know too much about the overreaching story.

Scrivlar1787d ago

You haven't seen episode 4,5,and 6?! Oh my god dude you have got to give them a watch! They are fantastic and if you're playing Battlefront you'd appreciate all the environments, weapons, and characters a lot more.