Inside The Biggest Small Game Of The Year

Don't use the word "episode."

Don't use the words "expansion pack."

Brian Allgeier, lead designer of the biggest short game of 2008, "Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty," publicly uses the term "mini-adventure" to describe what he and about 20 other people at Insomniac Games made during the last 10 months.

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GamerMan3796d ago

I've had a blast playing this game and some frustration too.. for a $15 game it is money well spent since it helps me break between other games.

As a bonus it picks up where R&C Future: TOD left off. Which is great since I'm all about the story... I love the narator of this story too ;)

Drekken3796d ago

Thank you for letting me know this! I want to finish the story the way it left off. Guess I will have to get this one!

GamerMan3796d ago

Yeah the story is the biggest reason I had no problems with letting my $15 dollars out on this plus I played R&C Future: TOD twice .. I don't see why I wouldn't play this twice. Once on normal and once on the hardest setting. That's the way I roll.. currently stuck because I get overzealous with my attacking ... I just need to calm down so I can move on.

I have no clue how long this game is and I'm suspecting I won't beat it in record time because I like to explore and I don't use any walkthroughs. I actaully spend my money to ... now get this... enjoy the game and find my own solutions to beating it.

I hope you enjoy your purchase especially if you got addicted to the story as I did.

Drekken3796d ago

Yeah man... good deal. I play games for enjoyment and the story too. Most games lose me before the end... R&C kept me going and wanting more when dude started floating away! Anyways, cant wait to try this out!

BlackTar1873796d ago

Really is. Ill pay $15 everyday for quality like this. and to let everone know I dodnt play r&c till ps3 and after TOD and this as soon as I beat the last boss. Ill be ordering the others since I like to consider myself a gamer and not quite sure how these ever missed my attention.

Great game anyone in doubt will have it squashed after the first little story part. What great storyboarders they have working at insomniac