5 Games You Didn't Know Were Made by the People Behind Dark Souls

FromSoftware is a game developer that has found popularity in the gaming industry thanks to their widely popular and best-selling series, Dark Souls. They may have gained notoriety from this series, but they have been around since 1986 with their first video game published in 1994 and have produced many popular games. Here are 5 games they have made that are not Dark Souls.

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Chaos_Order2235d ago

The Adventures of Cookie and Cream (Or Kuri Kuri Mix as is known in PAL territories) is actually a pretty good game, and gets damn hard in the latter stages.

I'd love to see FromSoft make King's Field 5, or maybe another Armoured Core. I love the Souls games, but I don't want to see it milked for all its worth.

Duke192235d ago

Didn't they also make the 3D Dot Game Heroes (or something like that).

I actually enjoyed that a lot on PS3

eyoung252235d ago

They actually only handled publishing in Japan. It was developed by Silicon Studio.

fanboysmackdown2235d ago

No Chromehounds on the list?

eyoung252235d ago

I wanted to keep the entries to their own respective genres. Chromehounds and Armored Core are both mecha. I almost included it though.

DarXyde2235d ago

I came here to learn something new and left disappointed.

DarXyde2235d ago

...I'm saying I knew FromSoft had a hand in all of these games. I would know, I own/ed most of them.

WhyWai882234d ago

Armored Core series producer left From Software.
My guess is the company shifted all focus to Souls series... :(
RIP Armored Core....

eyoung252234d ago

I would love to see them come out with a new IP in the mecha genre. Armored Core was cool, but I think they have expanded their skills to make a more unique game.