Linger in Shadows Available for Download This Week

We first heard about Linger in Shadows last month, and apparently we are going to get to play it sooner than we thought!

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Surfman3731d ago

lets home for a demo... we dont know very much about this "game"

Cwalat3731d ago


can't you just say wtf it is before you give us a demo ? :/

Yoma3731d ago

@ 1.1

That's the POINT of the game!!! To use your imaginations!!!

chaosatom3333731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I would pay for innovation gladly :)

Winter47th3731d ago

I'll use my imagination on youtube to know what exactly it is, I'm not ready to fork out some $s just for the heck of it, i expect good value when i pay.

mfwahwah3731d ago

You may not know that much, but I know more than enough about it to warrant a purchase. I'm too lazy to type everything up though, as I learned my info from a magazine.

In short, watch a video clip, find a way to interact with it (very vague / limited instructions). Find out how to interact and you see a longer clip from the same movie.

gamesR4fun3731d ago

this games going to interesting i think given it was made by guys in the demo scene.
still hope for a demo tho

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nos4speed3731d ago

August the 28th owns, sh!t loads of stuff coming that day and tis my bday!!!! TEQUILA TIME!!!!

Cerbus3731d ago

27 is mine and it looks like i'm going to be busy this weekend.

slave2Dcontroller3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Have a Tequila Shot for s2Dc would ya? Free Agrees & Birthday Bubbles are in order. Enjoy XD

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hay3731d ago

This is cool, I hope it's fun. Hey, my compatriots made it! Thumbs up people!

HipHopGamerShowFan3731d ago

Perhaps HipHopGamer would enjoy this game as much as Quest for Booty!

Marceles3731d ago

you know how sites get their facts wrong sometimes..

"Linger In Shadows coming out today! Sony promised!"

Then it doesn't come out and it's a 5 page Sony bash article....

...(clicks disagree) lol

CViper3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

lol at who agreed with "..." someone just doesn't like u lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.