Could other PlayStation mascots make a comeback, thanks to Ratchet and Clank?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: Just call me Go West, because I am the king of wishful thinking. To elaborate on this reference to a song that’s more than 20 years old (yet fittingly appropriate for a nostalgia-fueled rant), I mean that I am always hopeful for the best; well, most of the time. I remain hopeful that loyalty is rewarded, and that gamers can be among some of the most loyal fans in the world- almost loyal to a fault. It’s just a question of whether the cause that they’re loyal to may not be worth following; my heart goes out to anyone who was still anticipating the best when Duke Nukem Forever was finally released.

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ScarsOfViolence1890d ago

Ratchet and Clank were the first PS2 characters I ever encountered - demo came with the console - and I loved them from day one.
I am glad they have made a - hopefully triumphant - return.
I really enjoyed the article and I hope we see some of the old classics returning over the coming years.
I would especially love to see Medieval make a return or a new Spyro game!
Personal favourite point of the article: the 'Go West' reference!

snellings1890d ago

Medieval! There's a game I almost forgot about! Would love to see it again!

naruga1889d ago

@article ..yes! Crash ...simply

Silly Mammo1889d ago

Hopefully R&C sells well. Money/sales gets the attention better than public outcry for something.

badz1491889d ago

Ape Escape!

The way they treated it last gen was simply terrible! Just one main game and a couple of minigames galore on PSP and a MOVE game on PS3? WTF? It was an awesome franchise on the PS2 and they just left it to die! Hopefully something is in the work at Sony. Kids these days need to be exposed to these awesome games from the PS2 era! There is no better time to do it than now when the PS4 is dominating and FPS is getting stale!

snellings1890d ago

I absolutely miss the mascot era, and since I've been on team Sony since 96, seeing Crash return would be a godsend to me. If they do bring him back, I want them to bring back the old commercials with him. You know the ones I'm taking about - some smart ass guy in a Crash Bandicoot costume, doing totally 90s things. The nnostalgia!

Silly Mammo1889d ago

My dream for every recent E3 is that the guy in the Crash costume comes out on stage during the Sony Conference with the megaphone to announce a new Crash game.

Goldby1889d ago

instead of announce, they should just have him come up and disrupt the conference, takeing peoples mics away, and be like, "enough of you, more gameplay!" eventually followed by the announcement of an announcement by crash at PSX

TheDocIsOut1890d ago

Jak And Daxter needs a proper new installment on a next generation console. The last release it had was a platformer slash flight game for the PSP. They deserve a better sendoff than that, surely.

-Foxtrot1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Reboot-Remake of...

Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
Ape Escape
Bugs Bunny Lost in Time
Bugs Bunny and Taz Time Busters
Jak and Daxter

DragonDDark1890d ago

Damn, Sony has all this (some sold) and all of them me want!!!

Thatguy-3101889d ago

Dude the bugs bunny games were SIC!!!!!! Sony has a great portfolio to go back to. Honestly platformers is what we need this gen. Playing Ratchet last night just brought so much nostalgic to when I use to play games back in the ps2 time. We need to support R&C and titles like it to send that message

Jaqen_Hghar1889d ago

3d platformers are an untapped market recently. They were oversaturated for awhile but now they're so scarce. Ratchet and Mario are the two big holdouts. A man wants Naughty Dog to return to that in some way (Crash, Jak, or a new series) as they are some of the best at 3d platformers yet have gotten so sucked up with cinematic games (which a man has loved but one team for each would be better) that they don't look like they'll be back soon

UltraNova1889d ago

Yes we definitely need some quality platformers, I 'm getting sick of all these open world rpgs...except for Dark Souls 3 that is.

Morgue1889d ago

No mention of Parappa on that list?

Utalkin2me1889d ago

Gex was also released on the 3DO and PC.

gangsta_red1889d ago

I would like to see actual Sony owned mascots become popular again for Playstation.

jb2271889d ago

Gex is at the top of the list for me.

Honestly I think it's insane that no one has rebooted that franchise yet considering we are in what is being considered the Golden Age of Television. There are so many references that could be made, Breaking Bad levels, Sons of Anarchy themed motorcycle levels, reality competitions, the list is virtually endless and considering Gex was entirely built around the idea of aping all of the shows & films he watched and falling into those worlds, the opportunities are massive for a reboot.

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Relientk771889d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Ape Escape


Trilithon1889d ago

why has no one made tenchu. or even tenchu style game? kills me

feraldrgn1889d ago

There's always Shinobido 2 on the Vita for a recent Tenchu style game.
It's by the original creators of Tenchu, after the Tenchu IP was sold off to FromSoftware.

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