Hating Games for Fun and Profit

Negative reviews are far more popular than positive ones. They're better, funnier, and more interesting. A positive or simply contemplative review only earns the attention of a gamer who specifically wants to know about that game, at least online. Genuinely fun reviews like those of X-Play or Zero Punctuation get attention no matter what the subject game is, because they function as entertainment on their own. I don't know if it's just the nature of communication or humor or what, but there simply isn't a way to be funny and positive after you've already used the word "orgasm". Zero Punctuation and The Angry Video Game Nerd have exploited this for their benefit, by publicly hating nearly every game they review for maximum traffic and profit. This isn't reprehensible, it's really just good fun, but there almost needs to be a different term for these pieces than "review".

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