First Impressions of Dark Souls 3, From a Bloodborne Player

Dark souls 3 is finally out! Poli Games Joseph, gives his first impressions of Dark Souls 3, from the perspective of a Bloodborne player. Though Joseph is new to the Souls series, Joe's also a Bloodborne vet. Getting to know From Software's formula from the "souls" spiritual successor. So what are the differences between the two games?

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Poli_Games973d ago

How is everyone enjoying Dark Souls 3 so far? For anyone who has play Bloodborne, which game do you prefer? Let's chat!

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esmittystud101973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Take it from me. Bloodborne was my first From Software game. I played it all last year and even some this year. I just started up Dark Souls on Xbox 360 that I use with B.C. feature on Xbox One. The games are very simular, but basically in Bloodborne you dodge all your enemies attacks, in Dark Souls you either dodge(depending on what armor you are wearing is how fast you roll) or you use a shield to block( which is nice at times). Dark Souls has alot more items, weapons, classes, stats, NPC's. Also in Bloodborne you have a regain system that you can win back your health if you have been hit. Dark Souls doesn't have a regain system.

I love Bloodborne though, it was my game of the year in 2015 and probably is my favorite game of all time for any ststem. But Dark Souls is too now. Its really that good and I'm only on Dark Souls, next up is Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin, and then Dark Souls III.

I'm only about fifty hours into Dark Souls as well which is really just getting started in the game. I'm so glad I'm taking the time to play all of them and in order minus Bloodborne which I of course just played last year. I don't have a PS3 or I would have got Demon Souls as well. I only paid $10 for Dark Souls on Xbox 360 (disc), I paid $15 for its DLC. So $25 total for maybe the greatest game I have ever played. Totally worth it. I already bought Dark Souls III for PS4 and the season pass. Yep, you guessed it, I already have Dark Souls II: SOTFS for PS4 as well just waiting until I beat Dark Souls.

2016 will be the greatest year of gaming I have ever had. Nothing but Souls all year long.

But to ask me which I prefer more? I can't answer that. They are both equal in my liking and both are my favorite games/series of all time.

Poli_Games972d ago

What an amazing comment! I couldn't agree more but, I do have to say there's a very special place in my heart for Bloodborne. Both are just so great!!! Awesome comment man, maybe you should sub :3

esmittystud101972d ago

Thanks bud, Welcome to N4G to by the way. We love the passion that you and others bring here. Opinions always welcome, even if its negative.

But your into Souls, so we will be best friends on here. :)

Goldby972d ago

i recently put up a user review for Bloodborne on here, i found it was an excellent game, perfectly balanced and well paced. as for Dark Souls 3, ill be picking up my copy on friday but from what i've seen, Bloodborne was a little taste of what may be to come if they continue the franchise on Playstation. i thought there were lots of items in Bloodborne, boy was i wrong when i was watching a friend play via Share Play.