Police warn parents about video game system predators

CBCNews writes: "Edmonton city police are warning parents that child predators are using new video game systems to lure children when the kids are playing games online.

Patrycia Chalupczynska, a public information officer with the Edmonton police, said the systems such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox allow children to connect to the Internet and play games online with strangers. PlayStation 3 allows children to engage in text messaging, voice chat and downloading photos."

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KiNg_TED_PRIZE3708d ago

yeahh don't blame game industry blame the parents for letting them playin online lmfaoo!!!

TheHater3708d ago

lol, that what I am saying.

BiggDaddy3113708d ago

Please forward this article to every parent you know so that they never allow their stupid kids to play games online with a headset! that would be Christmas for me. Just imagine getting to play R2 or Socom this Christmas and you can't hear 10 year olds cussing or playing their god awful music through the headset or rapping really poorly.