Planet Xbox 360: NHL 2K9 - Producer Interview

PX 360 writes: "Arriving in stores in early September, NHL 2k9 is on its way to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii this fall with ambitions to reclaim the title as the best hockey franchise. On Friday, we had a chance to speak with Ben Bishop, the producer of NHL 2k9, about how Visual Concepts is setting out to do that over a friendly phone conversation that went into detail on playoff beards, the new fighting engine and much more.

Q: What's your position at 2k Games / Visual Concepts and what does it involve?

A: I'm the producer for the NHL 2k series."

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Caspel3733d ago

I truly hope one day they get to goalie vs. goalie fighting and being able to pull the jersey over your opponent's head in a fight as the article suggests the developer is looking to do.

ud3733d ago

That would be INCREDIBLE! But it's a shame that the best Hockey Fighting mechanics are still in Blades of Steel on the NES lol

Caspel3733d ago

haha, isn't it the San Jose Sharks?

Surfman3733d ago

ill buy NHL 09, not 2K9.

ud3733d ago

I tried the demo for 2k9 and i think they dropped the ball. They're still far away from nhl09. The Skill stick is just so much better.

One thing I absolutely love about 2k9 is the Goaltending (user controlled) feels perfect. When the opponent shoots, you take control of the goalie, then the game slows down and you have to move a cursor to where the puck is going to make the save, or you can just throw yourself on one side or the other. This feature is just so much fun. But other than that nhl09 is just better in almost every way.