Wiiwarewave Reviews: Steel Rivals (WiiU eShop)

Is nuGAME's brawler title Steel Rivals worth your time? Check out Wiiwarewave's latest review.

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PixelGateUk3023d ago

0.5?!!! nahahahha to be fair it does look pretty...bad

WiiWareWave3023d ago

our lowest rating ever for a review. Our 500th review.

WiiWareWave3022d ago

you see how they have Razzie awards for Movies, they should do the same for games. If they dont already.

Sunny_D3023d ago

This game must be broken to score so low.


Looks and sounds like some quick money grab game. $6.99 probably was made within 6 months

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Steel Rivals Review for Wii U - NintendoEnthusiast

Steel Rivals looks like a throwback to arcade fighters, but how does it play?

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Segata3036d ago

A game no one had heard of or cares about put on the front of Wii U news because a bad review. This Nintendo trolling is now pretty desperate.


Steel Rivals Review - Wii U eShop | Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life: The fighting genre has been around since the glory days of the arcade, and while it may not be quite as popular today as it's always been, there's still quite a following for this rather technical type of game. Though fighting games may initially seem to be quite simple, they usually have a fairly deep combo system that requires absolute mastery of chaining attacks and counting frames. Steel Rivals does its best to offer its own take on the fighting template, but it unfortunately results in an uninspired and unpolished mess that even the most dedicated individual will struggle to extract any enjoyment from.

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