Future PS3 firmware updates we need PART III

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We are back again with part III of the needed firmware updates. We have a interesting list of updates that we want your opinions about. So lets take it away.

-Being able to record you game play is a must. We need some software that is a simple click of the button. I'm not talking about uploading to Youtube. That is good but take it one step further. We should be able to record it then transfer to PC for editing. It would make life much more simple, than going the long route and recording via DVD player. This could also give you the option to use the PS eye edit software

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Blackmoses3732d ago

I never really understood the desire to record one's gameplay....
why? I dunno any new feature at this point is a welcomed feature. I'm happy as is for the time being.


Elven63732d ago

A record feature is actually useful in many games, sadly games that need it don't have it! Who at Midway decided Stranglehold should not include some sort of video save feature?

unrealgamer583732d ago

i guess it would be to gloate about you killing someone in a cool way and you become popular.probally wont work that way

InMyOpinion3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

None. It's perfect.

Young Puzzle3732d ago

well we will get all of this eventually

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The story is too old to be commented.